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  • freedom of speech vs made in america

    you have the right to freedom of speech, but on the other hand you make duck calls made in America and fine . but what is with your accessory line is an outsource made in china, real AMERICAN
  • This is a hit tv show?


    Title says it all...
  • Used to Love It..

    I've watched DD since its inception, and have really enjoyed it. However, it seems that the past season or so have seemed to be too 'scripted'. It no longer seems to be coming from the Robertsons, but more from writers. I've stopped watching because of this, but really miss the earlier shows. Sorry, Robertsons, but if you'd go back to the earlier way of doing things, I'd gladly watch again.
  • humbled

    I have to admit I thought this show would be lowbrow and stupid. But turns out the Robertsons are an All-American family. And it's funny, too.
  • this is a true american redneck.....

    alot of people think hillbillies cant make money or even come up with ideas to make money.... but these guys do both. The shows are hilarious and its about everyday living... im glad they made a show and cant wait til the new episodes!!!!!
  • Phill Robertson

    Its freedom of speech! They set up the review with up Pill and he answered it with his thought on the issue. If there is no Phill, there is no duck dynasty!! I respect Phill for his honesty and his religion! Way to go Robertson family for sticking by your religions!! In my opinion I WILL NOT watch duck dynasty with Phill not in the show. If it wasn't for Phill there would be NO duck commander/ or duck dynasty! So weather he voiced his opinion or not. That's Phill and that's how he lives his life....
  • Why no updates for Duck Dynasty

    Duck Dynasty is now in season 7 and episode 2 has aired but this site has not updated since the end of season 5. Personally, I like the show and will continue to watch it.
  • Very Great Show

    This is a show just does things realistically, it does not feel forced or over produced as a redneck family, it shows why family matter and it just works.
  • Excellent series

    I have watched these guys since Duck Commander was on. Each one of these people have unique personalities. I really love to watch Si. Phill always has a cool quote or two each show. I can't wait for the next season to start.
  • Knew it would be good for a laugh

    I didn't know if I would like this show but I tell you what.... I love this show after just seeing one episode. Love the fact that it is a family business and they were able to make it. They are able to stay country with some money. I tell you if you like down to earth people you will love this show.
  • different opinions

    What happened to people having different beliefs and opinions. Are they trying to tell everybody, if you believe different, don't express it. I've got some good friends that don't believe like me. I need to tell them not to expressing their opinion. I bet I could tell you what they'd say, but I don't want to write it.

  • Great values. Great show.

    I have never had one problem with the show itself. It is all about family, faith, and good, clean fun. It is one of the best shows on tv.

    Finally a christian tv show that i wont fall asleep on! And finally someone who's not afraid to stand up to gay marriage!
  • a double minded man,is unstable in all his ways.

    The bible says that wine is a mocker and that its cursed. causing thousands of deaths every year. You preach Jesus Christ but have interests in the alcohol industry. they bible says if you love the world,the love of the father is not in you, period. you and this ungodly ploy with this duck dynasty, all you are trying to do is let satin influience people to think anything goes in the house of God. the bible says if your luke warm, ill spew you out of my mouth. REPENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Truth - A Reality Show tells the story while it happens - Duck Roast or NOT!

    Phil Robinson has never avoided the Truth after becoming a Christian! He tells you his beliefs on the Duck Dynasty "REALITY" show. His prayers have been edited by removing the In The Name Christ We Pray or ask it. In his personal life it travels to churches telling them about being a big sinner and being saved by Christ from his past and current sin. REALITY is the story of Phil and his family and the struggles of life with and without wealth. He proclaims the truth of God's word in the Bible since he is in the process of changing himself. To the area of wealth, why wouldn't he share that wealth (Heaven) with the GLAAD group? He is still is freedom to talk, act or write about the things that he cares about!

    Thank you for allowing a voice. It appears based on facebook it is shared by many.

  • Duck Dynasty. Christmas we day nght

    Wednesday day night at 7:00 pm. Christmas especial
  • contest

    I think that your contest should be for people who DON"T live in the States too! Your show is also shown in Canada you know, and lots of people watch it and should be able to enter the contest for the . commercials. I think this is horrible that we can't!!!
  • The way reality TV was meant to be.

    My Wife and I started watching this show yesterday upon the recommendation of one of her friends and we're both hooked! It's been awhile since a TV show made me laugh so hard and It's refreshing to see men still being men and women still being women in today's modern America.
  • Ringtone of dad on Duck Dyansty

    My son would love if you made a ringtone of the dad saying happy happy happy
  • LOVE IT!!!!

    Before you knock it, you might try watching it. I used to say turned that I am not watching that it looks my daughter called me one night and told me to watch it, we are loyal watchers now. It is really a good show. We LOVE IT!!! no sexual contact, no cursing, no blood (well one episode Phil skins a Well enjoy but please try it before you knock it!!!! Nice to see we still pray and thank the Lord for his blessings and before we eat too. :-)