Season 1 Episode 11

American Dicks

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 28, 1994 on USA



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    • Ajax: Look a chocolate bar! EW this isn't a chocolate bar.

    • Duckman: What do ya think of that Corny? You're working for the Biggest American Dick ever!

    • Duckman: If there's the feted funk of crime within a mile of here I'll smell it out.

    • Duckman: Mayor Whitman!! The man who brought honesty & fairness to municipal politics, the man who cleansed city hall of corruption, the man I voted for SIX times in the last election?

    • Duckman: Don't respect you? ... I brought you the hand towel didn't I?

    • Cornfed: Before I met Duckman I was at a crossroads, soul searching, looking for my place in this endless puzzle we call life. You ever wake up in a Cambodian gaming parlor and realize you were living in a dark dank abyss of emptiness & loneliness, then wander the mountains of Asia for two years until you became the chef in a Tibetan monastery?
      Cameraman: I just asked what kind of detective Duckman is.
      Cornfed: Oh!

    • Fluffy: Mr. Duckman your carton of Itch-away Rectal Cream just arrived and your test results are here. The doctor hasn't identified your lesions but he's ruled out cold sores!

  • Notes

    • Frank Zappa's music does not appear in this episode, or in the next episode.

    • WARNING: The following program is a realish documentary, and may contain language which is vulgar, offensive, or grammatically awkward. Such language has been censored whenever possible, but for the sake of higher ratings, we may have let a few gratuitous and especially titillating instances slide.

    • This caption appeared preceding the episode.

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