Season 4 Episode 28

Four Weddings Inconceivable

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 1997 on USA



  • Notes

    • Writer/producer Michael Markowitz notes:

      In "Four Weddings Inconceivable" the role of Dana Reynard, Ben Stein's bride, was written for Elle Macpherson, who agreed to do it. But at the last minute, her schedule was changed twice, making it impossible for her to record the show. For many of us on the Duckman staff, this was a much, much bigger disappointment than even the show's cancellation.
      Speaking of Dana Reynard, for you X-Files fans, "Reynard" is French for "fox."
      Speaking of Reynard the Fox, the word comes from the medieval epic "Le Roman de Renart," or "Reynard the Fox." For you UCLA fans, this is where Bruin the Bear comes from. Nothing to do with Duckman, just interesting.