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  • Wow! Why did they cancel this show so soon? It was as funny as hell!

    The second best Klasky Csupo production! The Simpsons being the first, and Aaahh! Real Monsters! being the third. It follows the adventures of Eric Duckman, who is a maniacal duck who tries to being a detective and is a father of his late wife's children, and has to deal with her stupid cranky twin sister. I saw a lot of episodes on HBO, and it was so damn funny! I have to say, this show's almost like a Family Guy show but without cutaway gags. I just don't understand why this show got cancelled in 3 years. It's also a scary thing that when Everett Peck (creator of Duckman) returned to cartoon network in 2006, he made a show on Cartoon Network that was no where near as good as Duckman.....It was a bad show called Squirrel Boy, that's very creepy how a creator of a hilarious show writer can be mutated into an untalented writer. Overall, this show was great. Why did it have to go so soon?
  • A great cartoon for the adult cartoon fan who stays up late.

    Duckman is a cartoon series about a struggling duck who has a crappy job, lives in a dump of a house and has bizar, discusting, and rude family members. Duckman was voiced by Jason Alexander and there were many comical moments on this show. However, even though the show was funny I did not watch it all the time because it was pretty disgusting. I can usually handle anything on television but for some reason I did not like some of the things on Duckman. If you are a fan of South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, or any of the Adult Swim cartoons then you should check out Duckman.
  • One of Funnest Animated Series of The 90's

    This was great it was like watching a Version of Married with Children in Animated form.

    It had a dicetive that didn't do his job good at all. A sister-in-law that has taken to living with the brother-in-law she hates after her sister died to care for her kids. 2 Kids one stuiped as a stone and the other a 2 headed genius and on top of that a grand other so near death all she can do is fart!

    That equals Comidy GOLD!
  • Duckman- where The Simpsons and South Park meet.

    Although Duckman hasn't been around for over a decade, I must say- it's still gets to me as the first time I saw it. Duckman is a show about a duck, in a world consisted of many animals- mainly humans. Duckman has a dirty mind, dirty mouth, big ego and glasses. He has some insane family, and some few weird friends. and he is a loser. Duckman has this half-baked taste to it- it's not exactly The Simpsons, as in family love doesn't always triumph and it is way less subtle in its messages, but on the other hand, it doesn't deliver the message right up to your face as South Park does so successfully. It's somewhere in the middle, a show for adults that children really wouldn't get, and yet sweet in its own wacky way. As you can see, it was really ahead of its time. It set the ground to nowadays adult cartoons and held a riot all on its own. Duckman might not be as well known as The Simpsons, South Park of Family Guy, but I'll always keep a special place for it in my memory for a show well done.
  • The voice in your head say this is funny

    Unlike the often innocuous criticism found in "The Simpsons" (a pretty good show in its own right), and the rude-for-rudeness-sake humour in "South Park," every bit of this series follows a plan. The criticism of US society, from its mercantilism to its selfishness, carries much more bite than it does in any other animated series.

    The cultural references in "Duckman" also tend to be obscure sometimes (anyone browsing the fan sites will realize most have not even been caught). In that, it is different from "The Simpsons," which usually uses pop culture instead of the high-brow stuff often hidden in "Duckman." As other people writing about it notice, there is a growth in the characters (Bernice, Duckman and Cornfed). Also, by making the main character not just an offensive neurotic but in fact someone who is living a personal tragedy (as is made clear in episodes like "The Once and Future Duck" ('You'll love her until the end of your days...') and in "Bev Takes a Holiday" (when he takes a chance to tell Beverly all those things he couldn't tell Beatrice), the series is anchored in a deep sense of reality.

    One can't avoid feeling sorry for him and his lucid madness
  • An Underrated Classic about a Duck Detective and his Wacky Adventures.

    Just like "The Simpsons", this is what started most adult animated sitcoms, which was not too common in the 90's. The most impressive thing about this show is it's writing and that it would relate with anything happening nowadays like Adam Sandler Movies. The jokes are also hilariously awkward and random. The characters are very entertaining and loads of fun to watch; Duckman, Cornfed, Bernice, Ajax, Charles, Mambo, Grand-mamma and King Chicken, all of the characters are great in their own way. This show is everything that Family Guy wishes it could be. Family Guy tries to be similar to Duckman, but fails completely because the writers don't know the charm that Duckman had. My favorite episode was probably "54 - Bev takes a Holiday" and my least favorite episode would have to be "55 - Love! Anger! Kvetching!" which was the very next episode from my favorite. The series had 4 seasons and 70 episodes in total. I wouldn't mind if this show got renewed for another 4 seasons, kind of like how Futurama came back from cancellation. Then after an 8th season, maybe end the entire series with a theatrical movie. That would be awesome, then Duckman would get the recognition that it deserves. I'll give the series a 9.5 / 10. It is an Outstanding series, that can even top "The Simpsons" and "South If you are into Adult Animation then give it a try. It's definitely worth anyone's time.
  • A great hilarious show

    Jason Alexander was the perfect match to do the voice of Duckman. Duckman was a great show and was hilarious. If it weren't for it with Fluffy and Uranus we wouldn't have Kenny off of South Park. Duckman was one of the first great cartoon comedies. If you love Family Guy or anything like that this is the show for you. It's GREAT as Tony the Tiger would say.
  • Duckman was one of the funniest shows made!

    Duckman was one of the funniest shows made! Since, I have all of the episode on VCDs, I can which this show anytime I want. What I just can't believe is that USA cancel this, and Duckman not even on DVD. Terrible shame that! Well, what are you going to do? The idea of Jason Alexader as the voice of Duckman was a great idea! It matched so well. Still can't believe that Klasy-Cspuo (the company who made cartoons like Rugrats and AHH! Real Monsters!) made cartoon like this. But it is a fact that this was the first adult cartoon ever, and that is good!
  • Duckman is a classic. He is a dirty minded duck that just cares about himself.

    Duckman is a classic. He is a dirty minded duck that just cares about himself. He was a detective that didn't do anything to solve his mysteries, but his little side kick cornfed was able to.

    I think the saddest thing about this show was that USA tv kept changing the times it would be on during the week. I remember at times really not having a clue when it would be on. Show like millions of other succeful tv shows the tv suits had shake the fans right off of there Duckman bus.

    I really do feel if this didn't happen this show would have been on much longer. Now the only thing we can hope for is them to just release the season on DVD so we can watch them again. Damn USA tv.....

    For all of those simpsons fans there was 1 episode in the last season that actually had Homer make an appearance in. The voice and all was there. It was funny as hell.
  • Wow, a crazy show with big name voices and always something insane to say.

    This show is one of my all time favorites! Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld) has the perfect voice and freak-out attitude to play the title character. A Duck who always finds something perverse and cruel to do or say. His depravity knew no bounds and his ethics had no floor. His faithful sidekick was a pig named Cornfed who was his straightman and cleaned up after his debacles. The rest of the family was wonderful too. The guest appearances from people like Tim Curry, Ben Stein, Gilbert Godfreid, etc. just made things so much the better. I always found something hilarious and offensive in almost every episode.

    Definitely not something the little ones should watch and it is surprising it got on the air and lasted as long as it did. I wish it were still on and more episodes being made. How I miss my dose of Duckman and the reruns only satisfy for so long.
  • A parody of everything American.

    This is by far the funniest creation to come out of Klasky Csupo productions (The first few seasons of the Simpsons don't count since they were subcontractors)

    The show had a very strong cast, great writing and a catch phrase that everyone can relate to: "What the hell are you looking at." Besides the regular cast, Duckman somehow drew in great guest stars; Estel Getty, Paul Sorvino, Robert Klien just to name a few.

    I, for one, am glad that it was on cable and not on network TV. It would not have made it though half a season on any of the big four.

    I understand that the entire series is now available on DVD. If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing this hillarious show, do it now.
  • "And to think, Entertainment Weekly panned us."

    For those who enjoy adult animation, Duckman is an excellent choice. The show follows a Duckman (Jason Alexander), a crazed, sex-starved duck who tries to juggle being a detective (and a bad one at that) and fathering his late wife's children, and putting up with her angry twin sister. The dialogue is exceptionally written: Both intelligent and low-brow at the same time, especially during Duckman's rants. The animation is bizarre, yet inventive, thanks to Everett Peck and Klasky-Csupo. In a way, Duckman was one of the first animated series that was truly adult: More envelope-pushing and provocative than The Simpsons, and may have paved the way for raunchier stuff like South Park. The entire series is now on DVD, and I highly recommend picking it up.
  • Amazingly intelligent and witty this show was lightyears ahead of its time!

    Duckman, a show I used to watch as small child, and just recently got back into once I managed to find some copies of the episodes.

    As a child I didnt get most of the jokes, but I still enjoyed the show! As an adult, this is one of the few shows to genuinely make me laugh!

    I recommend this show without reservation to any and all age groups (although a few of the jokes are a bit risque!)

    Let us all take off our tops and rejoice!
  • Before South Park, Family Guy, American Dad and contemporaneous with Beavis and Butt-Head - politically incorrect, irreverent funny, thy name is Duckman.

    Nowadays, South Park is an established institutions, Family Guy and American Dad are considered ground-breaking, and the irreverences of Beavis and Butt-Head is thought to be the seed of it all. But between 1994 and 1997, and amazing show called Duckman ran, which was much funnier and off-the-wall than Beavis and Butt-Head and just as politically incorrect in a funny way as Family Guy, or even more, but 7-8 years before Family Guy even began. Who nowadays thinks something as Family Guy could have been on the air almost a decade agon, when the comparatively mild Beavis and Butt-Head were considered the epitome of "bad taste funny"? And yet, there was Duckman, wonderfully voiced by Jason Alexander (try listening to him in Seinfeld while visualizing Duckman - it's weird and quite funny), drawn in an original manner, in a crazy world. And yet, you sort of cared about Duckman, because there was more character development there than in Family Guy or American Dad, which are more of a collection of one-liners than of character humor.
    It's sad that Duckman does not have the classic status bestowed upon Beavis and Butt-Head, that it is not available on DVD (what the hell is up wih that!), and that Duckman's minute-long cursing rants do not warp the minds of more teens.