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  • Duckman- where The Simpsons and South Park meet.

    Although Duckman hasn't been around for over a decade, I must say- it's still gets to me as the first time I saw it. Duckman is a show about a duck, in a world consisted of many animals- mainly humans. Duckman has a dirty mind, dirty mouth, big ego and glasses. He has some insane family, and some few weird friends. and he is a loser. Duckman has this half-baked taste to it- it's not exactly The Simpsons, as in family love doesn't always triumph and it is way less subtle in its messages, but on the other hand, it doesn't deliver the message right up to your face as South Park does so successfully. It's somewhere in the middle, a show for adults that children really wouldn't get, and yet sweet in its own wacky way. As you can see, it was really ahead of its time. It set the ground to nowadays adult cartoons and held a riot all on its own. Duckman might not be as well known as The Simpsons, South Park of Family Guy, but I'll always keep a special place for it in my memory for a show well done.