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  • Wow! Why did they cancel this show so soon? It was as funny as hell!

    The second best Klasky Csupo production! The Simpsons being the first, and Aaahh! Real Monsters! being the third. It follows the adventures of Eric Duckman, who is a maniacal duck who tries to being a detective and is a father of his late wife's children, and has to deal with her stupid cranky twin sister. I saw a lot of episodes on HBO, and it was so damn funny! I have to say, this show's almost like a Family Guy show but without cutaway gags. I just don't understand why this show got cancelled in 3 years. It's also a scary thing that when Everett Peck (creator of Duckman) returned to cartoon network in 2006, he made a show on Cartoon Network that was no where near as good as Duckman.....It was a bad show called Squirrel Boy, that's very creepy how a creator of a hilarious show writer can be mutated into an untalented writer. Overall, this show was great. Why did it have to go so soon?