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Season 1 Episode 33

A Whale Of A Bad Time

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 03, 1987 on

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  • Sub Hunt

    This is another one of my favorate episodes of the show because it's basically Ducktales doing "The Hunt for Red October" or "Das Boot". I'll admit sometimes war films that feature sub warfare I found enjoyable because they were the most suspenseful. This episode is both exciting and suspenseful.

    It's obviously part 2 in a four parter but this episode stand own it's own very well. The money is obviously the maguffin of the story what really matter is of course is the hunt for the Whale Sub which has been stolen by an egotistical millitary scientist Dr. Bluebottle whom was hired by Glongold to steel most of Scrooge's loot to compromise his efforts.

    What I love about this episode is it has two way suspense, on one hand on the surface were hoping the Admrial and his Navy can stop that sub but as we see that darn sub was built too well in offense and defense and is kicking their butt. My favorate moment in fact the daftest moment was seeing that sub use a tennis racket to deflect oncoming missles back at the Navy.

    The other end of the suspense is seeing Scrooge and Donald struggle to sabatosh the ship on time not just to help the Navy but before they get possibly if their luck doesn't hold blown to bits.

    This episode was just great it was probably one of the best if daftest sub warfare combats I've seen because it was anybodys game.
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