Season 3 Episode 2

Allowance Day

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 05, 1989 on



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    • Nephews:We landed in Uncle Scrooge Banana branded-flaked cereral.
      Launchpad:Thats the crunchiest landing I've ever hand before.

    • Nephews:Launchpad, your a genuis.
      Lauchpad:Thanks, I've never heard that in the same sentence before.

    • Launchpad:No problem, I've got a head for clouds, Mr McD says I've got my head in the crowd all the time!

    • Scrooge:I can't belive it Launchpad!, you've made a complete landing.
      Launchpad:Well we all have are off days Mr. McD.
      Launchapd:Well what-do-ya-know? I guess I keep my perfect record!

    • Scrooge:Go to your rooms!, You boys have done quite enought for one day, what ever day that is.

    • Nephews:We might be home later after School uncle Scrooge, because we've got some shopping to do.
      :School on Saturday?
      Nephews:School? Ummm....No we mean..... ball!

    • Fenton:Worry not Mr. McDuck, this second banana is about to split.

  • Notes

    • The plot for this episode is almost exactly the same as Time Waits For No Bear on TaleSpin. The only diiference is that the nephews want their allowance a day early in DuckTales and Baloo wants payday to come one day early.

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