Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 24, 1987 on

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  • This Episode looks great!

    As I watched this episode, it presents a robot named Armstrong. When I was little I used to have Duck Tales Read-Along Book. But know I remembered this episode and the story very well. It was much more detailed as I expected. At the end Launchpad was a hero and everyone liked him for saving from the robot problems. After all this really rocks!
  • Gyro Gearloose's new robot, Armstrong, gradually replaces Scrooge's help at the mansion, putting Launchpad and Duckworth out of a job.

    This is a classic DuckTales episode. This was the first episode after the two-hour pilot episode, The Valley of the Golden Suns.

    Grandma Duck has a cameo in this episode.

    One can't help but sympathize with Launchpad. I think the race between Armstrong and Launchpad is a classic DuckTales moment. Of course, Launchpad crashes his helicopter in a pig slop. The nephews are impressed with Armstrong's ability to do their homework quickly. But it is obvious there is something askew with Armstrong's wiring. It's pretty scary when Scrooge realizes that Armstong has gone sinister and wants to control all of Duckburg. Launchpad provides some great comedic moments. Of course, he crashes his plane. He tries to move some rocks blocking a raiload track. He heeves but they don't budge. He says, "Well, that's a start!" Funny.

    There's great action in this episode. Armstrong is able to control anything that runs on electricity. He is able to control Duckburg's aircraft and even toys in the toy store, which he sends after the nephews.
  • its a great episode just like all the rest

    i always loved ducktales when i was little my parents bought me all the VHS tapes and i still have them and watch them to this day i\\\'ll never forget when i first saw the show i feel in love with it and i know my kids will to when i have them
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