Season 3 Episode 16

Attack Of The 50-Foot Webby

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 25, 1989 on

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  • This was ok but

    Poor Webby being over looked and spelling it out to everyone like always.She screams to Scrooge and the boys that they are neglecting her yet they irgone her .We tell kids to tell us these things yet when this sweet child says it she is irgoned .The worst part is when Scrooge yells at Webby for following them and yet he still doesn't seem to get it even when she spells it out again that no one knows she is around.He doesn't get until she disappears then he seems worried.The only really cute part is when they find her turned big and Scrooge makes a comment about not wanting her to grow_up to fast It was the first time we saw him say anything that sounded like a dad to her since the show began he always made comments about the boys being his and them taking over his businesses etc. so this nice change .Personally I think if they really wanted to show her being neglected they should have had Webby run away or become hurt in some way rather then have her turn big .It was full of bad jokes and it seemed more like they were making fun of her then trying to make a point .I liked the sceen at the end where the boys finally said they wouldn't let her out their site again it's about time someone kept an eye on her although I would liked it better if Scrooge had made some kind of promise to take better care of her instead.
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