Season 1 Episode 44


Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 18, 1987 on

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  • Lanchpad Secret Agent Man

    This is another one of my favorate episodes in the show. I don't know may'be it's because I have a knack for spy spoofs and adventures, this is one of the ones that are done right it's as funny as a episode of "Get Smart" or "Chuck". What made this James Bond parody work was the fact it does what it should to be funny, play it straight and make the obvious in jokes not to seem so obvious.

    Heck it even had a good plot which was the destroy the world's economy just for the main villian to be the richest person in the world and control the world's economy. This plot I find ironic since it was one utilized in another spy spoof film the underrated "If Looks Could Kill".

    What makes this episode really stand out is that fact that it's actually focused on a minor character "Launchpad" whom is one of my favorate characters on the show, I was waiting for an episode on him and my wait paid off and it didn't disapoint.

    Like in "Get Smart" I'll admit the gagets are very daft and logically wouldn't work. But that's what always made them seem so funny because their obviously exagerations on the crative gadgets Bond uses to be a step ahead of the game. My favorate gadget in this episode is of course the Toppee Gun. How the heck a Toppee can be a gun is anyones guess, but it was the daftest but most creative gadget I've ever seen.

    But what's really important is Launchpad himself, from Launchpad common character flaws we've seen thoughout the show,he could almost be the worst secret agent in the world. From some of the mistakes he's made in the first half of the show like crashing the first spy car and chopper a mere minute as he was begining his mission. Or even his romantic interaction with femme fatale Feathers Gallore which isn't very smooth, in a way it explains a little why Launchpad never really had a girlfriend.

    But the good news is he does get the hang of it in the second and third half of the episode if not smoothly. Which I'll admit is just amazing as usual his flaws are also his strengths because it makes him armed with dumb luck. Like his reluctance to kiss Feathers actually made him avoid her poison lipstick. Or a car chase scene when he can't get his transforming car to work the way he wants it to but amazingly it actually turned into exactly what he needed it to turn into without even knowing it.

    This episode just has a lot of really great funny moments, two of my favorates are when Feathers is trying to kill Launchpad and tears up the whole room with her martial arts skills, I'll just say she's a pritty strong woman. Or when Launchpad uses the gun toppee on a right hand villian a parody on "Odd Job" from "Goldfinger", the right hand villian catches the bullets, I thought damn. But one would be when he uses a grenade cufflink on the main bad guy but it deflects off his belly and detonates bellow the platform I thought wow that really sucked. It was just hillarous Launchpad had him in close range and yet as usual he still messes up.

    And last I'll admit I really like the interaction between both Launchpad and Feathers, it's also I'll admit the first time and only time I've actually seen thourgh opposite sex interaction in "Ducktales" shame it couldn't of been utilized more (well in "Ducks to the Future" it sort of was but that's another story). In a strange way in the end I can't help but feel Launchpad would've made a great secret agent.

    However I wouldn't say he got out of the game for good, this episode was also a starting point/prolific for Launchpad transference from "Ducktales" to the show "Darkwing Duck" since the enimy in that show is the same evil orginization as in this episode which is F.O.W.L. And Launchpad becomes Darkwing Duck's sidekick.
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