Season 1 Episode 52

Duck In The Iron Mask

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 30, 1987 on

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  • Mistaken Identity

    Once again the show gets into the litteary world when they take on Alexander Duma's "The Man in the Iron Mask". One of the things I like about this episode are it's slightly true to the spirit of the source materal while having some fun with it at the same time. From the looks of the countryland and wardrobe it just really gives you that sense of an era long gone, even the plotline and format is intact, as Scrooge, Launchpad and the boys are sort of the fill in for the Three Muskateers whom were the essental characters in the book.

    The Iron Mask character also doesn't disapoint, like in the book he's sympathetic. But in this show there is a slight sense of humor with it when the guy actually finds there is some use to the mask he wears.

    However what I really like about this episode was the swordplay which was the big pay off in this episode, I always loved swordfights it's just the most exicting, unpredictable and elegant type of fighting. And the way it was just animated and chorographed it was great. Almost as well done as the ones in anime shows like "Revolutionary Girl Urena" and "Le Chevalier D'Leon", ok that's a loose comparason but once you see the big swordfight you won't be disapointed.
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