Season 1 Episode 48

Duck To The Future

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 24, 1987 on

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  • This epsiosde was pretty good

    I must say this esposide was pretty good.Scrooge gose into the future to see if the boys will ok in charge and only finds them to be worse then he is.I must disagree with the other reviewer about Webby.I throught her being married to Doofus was off.I couldn't see them together .I would have much rather saw a strong indepent young women who shows up as Scrooge lawyer rather then married to Doofus she needed her husband to carry the money for her and it looked as through she is was unable to free her uncle from jail without her husband to carry the money for her.I would much rather saw if she was married to Doofus him show up in the court room after the case saying congrataltions to his wife on a fine case instead the writers showed her being weak being married to someone she was clearly not compatible with.

    I found it odd to why Magaica would even have the boys in charge if she got hold of the dime and took over Scrooges affairs .If she got a hold of everything she wouldn't need the boys and I find it odd they would even work for her.Webby seem to know right who Scrooge is yet the boys seem to want not believe it which is odd since they were closer to him then Webby was.

    The episode was one of the better ones from Ducktales of course most of the first season was.