Season 1 Episode 60

Ducky Horror Picture Show

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Dec 10, 1987 on

Episode Recap

Scrooge turns an old building into a convention centre, after his latest investment "Scroogerama Dome CInema fast becomes a success. Such characters as a Mummy, Dracula, a Blob, Wearwolf and a Hunchback are hired by Scrooge to work at his convention centre, but they trash his newly refurbished building, and then move onto his Mansion, where Mrs. Beakley and Scrooge's nephews greet the monsters at the door unknowing that they are real monsters and not actors. Scrooge rushes to the scene where he finds the monsters causing destruction to his mansion. Just as Scrooge didn't think things could get worse King Pong turns up and makes himself comfortable on Scrooge's money bin. Thinking that King Pong is Scrooge's latest advertisment, the Police refuse to help Scrooge and instead tell Scrooge he has 24 hours to get ride of the gorilla otherwise face jail. Meanwhile the monsters crash Scroogerama Dome and stage a protest outside the dome, over the production of monster movies. They threaten to close down Scrooge lastest business, but after a group of autograph hunters the monsters take a liking to they new found fame and agree to work for Scrooge at his convention centre, where they perform a live performance.

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