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Season 1 Episode 60

Ducky Horror Picture Show

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Dec 10, 1987 on

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  • Halloween Special

    This is probably one of the only times Ducktales ever did a concept on Halloween. And it's done right. This whole episode is sort of a love letter to all the horror movies around. This episode did two great things, for one thing it introduced kids to all those famous movie monsters we know while at the same time parodying them but making them stay one foot in character. We see a wide variety of movie monsters from the Univercial studios monsters Frankenstin, Bride of Frankenstin, Dracula, and The Wolf Man. RKO pictures King Kong and the drive in 50's B-movie The Blob.
    The funnest thing about all of the monsters is they behave and act like regular people but their just all odd or have a different way of doing things (sort of like the characters in "The Munsters" or "The Adams Family") which of course are a break from the regular social norm. And it's even more hillarious when all these monsters form a picket line protesting against Scrooge's movie theater because they fear the movies about them are too scary for audiences making them look bad. Comic gold.
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