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  • Specials
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  • Season 1
    • Treasure of the Golden Suns
      The series opens with a special 2-hour episode. Donald joins the Navy and leaves Duckburg, while Huey, Dewey and Louie stay behind with Uncle Scrooge. The boys must prove themselves innocent of stealing an expensive model ship and help Scrooge find a lost treasure ship. The scene then shifts to the Andes and later Antarctica where other adventures await the ducks.moreless
    • 9/21/87
      Magica de Spell plots to steal Scrooge's lucky dime by joining forces with the Beagle Boys and turning them into Huey, Dewey and Louie.
    • Sphinx For The Memories
      The Spirit of an ancient Middle-Eastern ruler attempts to take over Donald's body. Donald is an exact look alike of the ancient ruler, and the native Egyptians believe him to be the "chosen one".
    • 9/23/87
      Gyro's props for a science fiction television show accidentally launch the cast into space. Launchpad becomes the hero when it is realized that he is the only real pilot on board the space craft. This fact comes much to the dismay of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who have become infatuated with television show's phony star, Major Courage.moreless
    • Armstrong
      Episode 5
      Gyro invention Armstrong, a robot that he built to protect Scrooge's money backfires when the robot becomes over protective of the Money Bin and refuses Scrooge entrance to his Bin, ending in Armstrong stealing Scrooge's money.
    • Robot Robbers
      Episode 6
      The Beagle Boys steal giant construction robots and take over the city. Scrooge and Flintheart must join forces to stop the Beagle Boys before the city is destroyed.
    • 9/28/87
      Magica de Spell brings her shadow to life in another plot to steal Scrooge's dime, but with unplanned results.
    • Master Of Djinni
      Master Of Djinni
      Episode 8
      An evil Djinni transports Scrooge and Flintheart back in time so he can enjoy life giving orders for a change.
    • 9/30/87
      When Scrooge buys an old castle and opens it as a hotel, he must deal with what seems to be the ghost of the former owner.
    • The Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan
      Scrooge and the boys discover an abominable snowwoman. More importantly, they also discover the value of honesty.
    • 10/2/87
      Scrooge is framed for the robbery of a famous painting and is sent to Duckberg's most infamous prison - Aquatraz! It's up to the nephews to find the real thief, and prove that their Uncle Scrooge is innocent.
    • The Money Vanishes
      Episode 12
      The Beagle Boys steal one of Gyro's teleportation inventions and use it to steal all of Scrooge's money.
    • 10/6/87
      Gyro, bored with life as a "gadget-man," goes back in time to the days of King Arthur and the Round Table in the medieval kingdom of Quackalot to pursue a new beginning as a knight. However, his gadget skills prove useful in Quackalot to defeat the evil Black Knight, a Hot-Headed Dragon, and Lessdred.moreless
    • Dinosaur Ducks
      Episode 14
      Scrooge learns a lesson about love when he tries to capture a baby dinosaur and must risk his mission to save Webby from savages.
    • Hero For Hire
      Episode 15
      Launchpad screws up one time too many and is fired. His attempt to become "The Webbed Wonder," a hero for hire, provides the Beagle Boys with another chance to steal Scrooge's fortune. Only once Doofus is kidnapped does Launchpad realize that he's fallen in with the wrong crowd.
    • Superdoo!
      Episode 16
      Doofus finds a stolen energy crystal form outer space that gives him super powers. He doesn't know it, but the aliens who lost the medallion are determined to get it back.
    • Maid Of The Myth
      Episode 17
      A tribe of Vikings from the land of Valhalla attack Duckburg and take Mrs. Beakley prisoner. Scrooge's rescue effort leads to Mrs. Beakley's participating in a chariot race wit Thor, the thunder god.
    • 10/13/87
      A long-forgotten debt costs Scrooge his fortune, but he learns a valuable lesson in the process.
    • 10/14/87
      Scrooge takes off to a Haunted Island, to search for a lost play. But another adventurer plots to steal the manuscript.
    • Top Duck
      Episode 20
      Launchpad learns that his family is proud of him- despite his series of crashes.
    • 10/16/87
      Scrooge and a thief named Sharkey, fight for The Pearl of Wisdom, which has mystical powers. But the results are unexpected.
    • 10/19/87
      A return to his ancestral home in Scotland forces Scrooge to face old fears and a ghostly hound. He defeats the hound, only to learn a shocking secret about one of his ancestors.
    • 10/20/87
      Launchpad discovers a hidden band of Civil War soldiers. He also learns a famous ancestor was a fraud.
    • 10/21/87
      To avoid getting older, Scrooge sets out on a search for the Fountain of Youth. His search takes the ducks to the eerie Okeefedokie Swamp, where a hermit and the ghost of a Conquistador wait for unsuspecting visitors.
    • Earthquack
      Episode 25
      Fears of earthquakes bring Scrooge and the boys to a strange land far underground, where a race of unusual creatures is trying to create the biggest earthquake of all - right underneath the money bin.
    • Home Sweet Homer
      Episode 26
      Scrooge and the boys travel back in time to ancient Greece, where they meet Homer and the evil sorceress Circe in an Odyssey-like adventure.
    • 10/26/87
      Scrooge's search for his missing ships leaves him a prisoner in the mysterious Sargossa Sea, home of the evil Captain Bounty.
    • Microducks From Outer Space
      Miniature ducks from outer space are the unwitting cause of Scrooge and his helpers' being shrunk after a plea for assistance in ending a famine. The ducks must travel through a now giant-sized Duckburg, where everyday objects have become potential dangers.
    • 10/28/87
      Scrooge returns to the site where he earned his first fortune and reawakens an old love affair with Glittering Goldie, the dance-hall girl who had stolen both his fortune and his heart. He must battle with Dangerous Dan, an old rival, for both Goldie and a fortune in gold.
    • Horse Scents
      Episode 30
      Scrooge and Flintheart Glomgold both enter horses in the famed Ken-ducky Derby. If Flintheart wins, he'll finally be the richest duck in the world, so he's not leaving anything to chance.
    • Scrooge's Pet
      Episode 31
      Huey, Duey, Louie, and Webby decide to get Uncle Scrooge a pet Lemming named Lucky. Unfortunately, Scrooge gets into trouble when the Lemming runs off with the combination to his money bin.
    • 11/2/87
      Scrooge loses his fortune to the Beagle Boys just when he needs it to win a contest with Flintheart for a miraculous new type of light-producing fruit.
    • 11/3/87
      Scrooge must dump his fortune at sea to avoid being lost himself.
    • Aqua Ducks
      Episode 34
      Scrooge and co, go in search for his lost millions that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean, where he discovers The Lost City of Atlantis and it's habitants.
    • Working For Scales
      Working For Scales
      Episode 35
      After recovering his fortune and discovering The Lost City of Atlantis, Scrooge wins the prize when his fortune is found to be the largest in the world.
    • 11/6/87
      A sea serpent is attacking ships in Duckburg Harbor and Scrooge wants to stop it. The boys become overconfident while at sea and Webby must save them.
    • 11/9/87
      A search for the legendary golden fleece brings the adventurers into contact with the Harpies, guardians of the treasure.
    • Ducks Of The West
      Episode 38
      Is it the ghost of Jesse James that's stealing oil from Scrooge's Texas wells?
    • Time Teasers
      Episode 39
      Gyro invents a device that can freeze time, but when the Beagle Boys steal it, they're thrown back in time-- with Scrooge's fortune!
    • 11/12/87
      A report of wool-destroying U.F.O.s willy-wisps sends Scrooge on an expedition to his sheep ranch in Australia, and when Webby is lost, Scrooge is determined to find her. however, there is a secret somewhere in the area...
    • 11/13/87
      When he ignores a warning on an ancient Trojan tomb and steals a magical harp that belonged to Helen of Troy, Scrooge awakens an ancient monster that almost destroys Duckburg in an attempt to retrieve the harp.
    • The Right Duck
      Episode 42
      Scrooge fires Launchpad after he crashes another McDuck plane
    • Scroogerello
      Episode 43
      A fever causes Scrooge to dream that he is the central figure in a Cinderella-style story.
    • Double-O-Duck
      Episode 44
      Launchpad looks just like a foreign spy, and agrees to help capture an international counterfeiting ring.
    • Luck o' the Ducks
      Episode 45
      Scrooge McDuck's new money making scheme turns out to be a leprechaun, who escapes with $200, leading Scrooge to Ireland where he tricks the Leprechaun into giving him his peoples fortune.
    • Duckworth's Revolt
      Episode 46
      Duckworth must change his personality to save the boys from space invaders.
    • Magica's Magic Mirror (Episode 1) Magica de Spell uses a trick mirror to force Scrooge to give up his "Old #1 Dime," planning to use his good luck charm to increase her power.

      Take Me Out of the Ballgame (Episode 2) Duckworth's attempts at coaching the nephews' baseball team lead to disaster.moreless

    • Duck To The Future
      Episode 48
      Scrooge travels to the future to see what will become of the boys, but Magica strands him there in her latest plot to get his lucky dime.
    • Jungle Duck
      Episode 49
      A quest for the legendary "silver buzzard" brings Scrooge to Africa, where he finds the missing heir to a fortune living as a wild duck in the jungle. Mrs. Beakley is the one responsible for the heir's discovery as she was his Nanny when he was a small boy and got lost.moreless
    • 11/26/87
      Scrooge and Launchpad reminisce about how they first met.
    • 11/27/87
      Magica tricks Gladstone Gander, the world's luckiest duck, into helping her steal Scrooge's lucky dime.
    • 11/30/87
      Dewey suffers an identity crisis. He's tired of being mistaken for his brothers and asserts his independence, only to learn a lesson about teamwork during an adventure in the tiny country of Monte Dumas.
    • 12/1/87
      A rash bet and a faulty blimp almost cause Scrooge to lose $1 million to Flintheart Glumgold.
    • The Status Seekers
      Episode 54
      Scrooge must shun his friends to join a snooty club. Once he becomes a member, he realizes how much he misses his friends and family.
    • Nothing To Fear
      Episode 55
      Magica brings everyone's worst fears to life, and the heroes must learn to confront their personal demons.
    • 12/4/87
      A strange spell turns Scrooge into a spendthrift. Searching for an antidote, the boys take him to London, where they meet the notorious Jack the Tripper.
    • Once Upon A Dime
      Episode 57
      Scrooge tells the boys how he earned his fortune.
    • Spies In There Eyes
      Atfer overwhelming evidence, Donald is accused of being a traitor, So Scrooge and his Nephews try to clear his name.
    • All Ducks On Deck
      All Ducks On Deck
      Episode 59
      Donald tells the boys he's an important crewmember on his ship, but they learn the truth. The boys try to help Donald get promoted, but their plans didn't count on the Phantom Blot stealing a secret bomber.
    • 12/10/87
      Scrooge turns an old building into a convention centre, after his latest investment "Scroogerama Dome CInema fast becomes a success. But his stars turn out to be real monsters.
    • 12/11/87
      Uncle Scrooge almost marries a gold digger, but the boys and Glittering Goldie help save him.
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