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Could SOMEBODY PLEASE fix the Inducks?

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    [1]Apr 25, 2007
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    OK, Disney has a very cool inducks (cute name) with covers from foeign langage Disney comics and stuff. It's been unavailable for like a week now. Could SOMEBODY please fix the problem? 


    YAY!!! It's Back! The induck is back! Thank you!

    Oh, and - just to show I'm on YOUR side, somebody trying to sell stuff has taken over your old site on my server.

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    You should know that Disney does *not* own Inducks. It is entirely a project of fans from all over the world, who have relations with publishers who provide them the vital information the Inducks-people need to build their database. However, I heard a rumor that publisher Egmont in Denmark, who publishes Disney comics in Scandanavia, Russia, Germany and all Eastern-European countries, secretly provides financial funding for the Inducks-project.
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