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(ended 1990)

Does someone here have a copy of Ducktales #18?

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    Back before the series was canceled, I picked up #17 which has Magica going back to the Klondike Times to steal Scrooge's Number 1 Dime. The issue ends with her escaping into Ancient Rome I believe (according to the preview for the next issue). If anyone still has the comic, could you please provide me with a summary for the issue?


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    You DO know you can still buy them on ebay, right?

    They go back in time in UT's time ancient Rome. Launchpad sees slave being whipped, trys to rescue poor snook (there's my Launchpad, all over the place...) gets in trouble. Mr. McD says Launchpad is his slave (considering how little he pays Launchpad....)

    Althought it WAS nice of Mr. McD to stick his neck out for Launchpad... They charge the Romans (guess who's idea THAT was? it worked, didn't it?)"borrow" a chariot... crash it (they punch tickets, they hang pictures....)

    Get tossed to the lions, the kids overfeed the lions...Launchpad runs from a gladaitor (well, if Launchpad fought and defeated the snook, the Romans would expect Launchpad to KILL snook , even Launchpad knows THAT. Want proof? Launchpad tossed his armor at snook's chariot, causing snook to crash AFTER they left the arena.)),Magica tries to steal the Dime...

    It ends with them giving the young Mr. McDuck back his Lucky Dime in Uppa Creek (Lord knows how many decades before Launchpad is due to be hatched)

    Maybe you'd better just buy it.

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