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(ended 1990)

I just wrote a fanfiction story starring DUCKWORTH!

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    With thanks to Stretch Snodgrass, who gave me this idea.

    Please read:"Every Dog has His Day".

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    Took a little searching but I read it and liked it. (I'm always cautious on because I've seen some less-than-appropriate stories on there, but once I saw your K rating it was all good.) I can't imagine Duckworth ever turning evil even under the highest of pressure. He seems to be a really underrated character and I'm currently going through an obsession with him even though Scrooge is my favorite DT character. I wrote a little ramble in this post about how I wish I knew more about Duckworth but I didn't know if it counted as off-topic so I deleted it.

    Is it weird that every time I tried to visualize his evil old friend I could only think of Filler Brushbill from Much Ado About Scrooge?

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