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I'm obsessed with Duckworth

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    I've been a fan of DuckTales since I started watching it in 2010 (on YouTube and later the DVDs). I have Asperger's Syndrome so I tend to get obsessed with random things and people, especially Disney characters. I was already obsessed with Mickey Mouse, so when I started watching DT I also started obsessing over Scrooge, but I didn't want to let Mickey go so I made them both equally my favorite Disney characters. However, as time has gone by I've also found myself thinking a lot about Duckworth, and now I realize how little I know about him, and want to know everything, like his first name, his age (I figure his birthday is September 18 though, since that's DT's very first air date), his family, how he and Scrooge met and he became employed by him, what movies he likes, etc. etc. Only a few random facts about him are revealed in the series. One is that he likes Drake Sinatra and Gandy Williams (spoofs of Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams), as he said so in the episode "Beaglemania." Another is that he probably likes or at least has played golf and cricket too, as implied in "Take Me Out of the Ballgame." These are cool to know, but I want to know more and it's frustrating to me that Disney didn't mention anything more about him in the series.

    Does anyone else find it frustrating how little is revealed about supporting/background characters? At least we know Mrs. Beakley's first name - Bentina - but we don't know anything about Webby's parents or Mrs. Beakley's (late?) husband. Grrrr. If Disney ever releases a volume 4 DVD, they should put some commentaries or something that contain more information about the more obscure characters. Even the Internet doesn't satisfy me in this area. Actually, I sent Chuck McCann (Duckworth's voice actor) a Facebook message asking if he knows whether Disney gave Duckworth a first name, and he said no. Is that crazy or what?

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