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Twas the Night before Christmas...

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    I recently posted a pro- Launchpad (natch) Ducktales Christmas story - "Twas the Night before Christmas"-in which Launchpad tells the gang how he once met Santa Claus. At the time I posted said story I did NOT know that there is a Ducktales book -"Christmas at the North Pole". I bet most of YOU didn't know that, neither.

    Guess what? I just got it and despite the title, the gang does NOT meet Santa in "Christmas at the North Pole"! That did not feel right to me, so I rewrote it (FANFIC TIME!) instead of Launchpad "crashing" (sigh)into an ice mountain because he wasn't looking where he was going (sigh), a certain sleigh pulled by reindeer came flying out of noplace and Launchpad had to swerve to avoid a collision. Launchpad could not pull up in time to prevent side-swiping the Mt.

    If anybody likes my fanfiction, could you please bug into fixing the edit feature on their document manager? It never boots on "simple" mode, just sits there going "please wait". I can neither write nor edit stories while that is the case. Thank you.

    I wish to apologize to the folks at for breaking the rules by TEMPORARILY posting my story, "Double, Double O Duck, Toil and Trouble" in the forum where it does not belong. I will move it to the story section as soon as the document manager is repaired and I can move it. Please do not punish me for protesting the fact that it's been broken too long.
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