Season 1 Episode 45

Luck o' the Ducks

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 19, 1987 on

Episode Recap

Scrooge McDuck's new money making scheme turns out to be a leprechaun, who jumps staright into his money vault, and starts filling his pockets with Scrooge's money. He escapes with $200. But runs into trouble when he get down to the busy road, and Scrooge manages to catch up with him. The leprechauns stories make Webby feel sorry for him, Scrooge knows that the legend has it, that Lepricorns are known liars. The leprechaun tells Scrooge that when you save a leprechaun's life, he may grant you one wish. So the leprechaun takes him back home, to his native Ireland. But the natives don't take kindly to there visit, so they tie them up and attempt to toss them in the snake pit. But the leprechaun manages to talk his King out of tossing them to the snakes. Scrooge's wish is to own there Goldern Carverns. So the angry King tells the leprechaun that he must make Scrooge change his mind. In the middle of the night Launchpad has a dream that a ghost, visit there room in the evening and warned them to live, otherwise he would lose his head. Another ghost tries to scare the Nephews but they block the window with furniture, and the ghost get scared itself and leaves. The next day Scrooge orders the leprechaun to take him to the Goldern Caverns. The finds the Gold in the cavern. Whilst climbing out of the secret hiding place, the leprechaun stlips and falls, but Scrooge catchs him with his walking stick, and tells the Lepricorn he has just saved his life and earned another wish, so Scrooge ties a hankerchief to the tree that covers the secret entrance, and tells the Lepricorn that his wish is that know-one can move the hankerchief. But in the middle of the night the Lepricorn asks Webby to put a hankerchief on every tree around the tree to the secret hiding place, but it turns out that the leprechaun has done him a favour because his King, and his people have set up a trap, that would have been released if the tree and been touched in any way. Launchpad tells Scrooge that he owes Webby a wish for doubting her for being the Lepricorn's friend, so she ask if a special friend can stay for a while, the leprechaun!

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