Season 1 Episode 55

Nothing To Fear

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Dec 03, 1987 on

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  • The Darkness of Fear

    I remember as a kid this episode use to scare me a little but that's great because this episode is one of those halloween episodes done right because this is another one of those episodes in the show that took an unfun turn it's pritty dark and psychologically suspenseful. In a strange way the episode sort of remonicent of two horror films that delt with this like the underrated "Event Horizon" about a cursed spaceship manifesting the space explores fears and "1408" which of course was about John Cusack's character locked in a cursed room and manifest his internal fears and anxieties.

    It's all about internal fear and confronting it, we see each of the characters whom all fall under Magica DeSpells influence. On a side note the most interesting or daft would be Duckworth whom is actually afraid of the Limo he drives everyday because it turns into a panther. As well as Duffus where his banana turns into a monster, beleive it or not as a kid that monster banana I thought was really scary it had those shark teath, evil eyes but that nasty lizard tongue reminds me of one of those vampires in the graphic comic series "30 Days of Night". Both elements were scary looking but also blackly funny at the same time, I have no idea why they would be afraid of these things but I think it may be an internal anxiety they carry within, may'be Duckworth has a fear he might crash the car one day, don't blame him most people who care this kind of phobia have said sometimes a car is like a coffin on wheels. For Duffus it could be his own anger toward his own current body image, sometime when people feel contempt for their physical outlook their sense of self worth goes down making them feel what they need they don't deserve. Well those are my theories on the two, I may'be reading into it a little too much but lets move on.

    The real kicker of course is on Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It's the major fears that really hit an emotional point in these characters. We see the episode get into the core subconcious fear of both these characters, I'll admit at that moment I couldn't help but feel some pathos for them. It's basically the fear of abandonment, this is something I can easily empisize with because we fear if we fail our family in some way that can do irrepairable damage that their leave us for it. We see from the three boys a really dark Uncle Scroge that hates all three of them and doesn't want them to be part of his life anymore. And from Scrooge there is a very dark version of all three boys that are real scumbags that we see their love for him was really a ruse just to take advantage of him for his money and everything he owns, but also that he was partially responsible for their evil behavior. But I'll admit it was a great sense of relief when Scroge and the boys did what any person should do in the darkness of fear which is face it. And each of the fears one by one disapear into nothing, which is exactly what fear as a whole is really made of nothing it's only what we feel inside that makes it form into something like drawing on a piece of paper. But of course like anything written or drawn it can always be errased by what's called confidence.
  • I just bought the DVD with this and I'm extrealy happy to be reunited with this episode.

    I like this one very much becasue it proves that what Scrooge fears the most isn't losing the nessercy evil of his moneny but it's family. We all deep down fear that we are unloved and sometiems we must bring this feeling out in the open.

    I've alwasy liked seeing how they face down their demons and grow stronger becasue of it. But I was wondering why is Duckworth afriad of the limo? Oh well its a very imporant epiosde to me becase we all have fears and seeing theirs makes them very easy to relate too. This is speical and I'm glad to have it back in my life. Becasue I could sure use these crazy ducks once more in my time of need as I did as a child.
  • Nowadays I can look back on this and laugh, but back in the day this was scary stuff.

    Ducktales is a Disney show, so that means it's all kid friendly and safe right? When I saw this at only age 3, I must say I really started to have other thoughts about that. Magica decides to up her neverending quest for the no. 1 dime by messing with everyone's heads via a magic storm cloud. We see evil versions of Scrooge and the nephews who are all absoulte scumbags, an evil zombie teacher appears, and the limo turns into a giant man-eating panther. However, hands down, the freakiest scene for me is the giant monster banana! He seems all small and cute at first, but boom, he proceeds to turn into this huge, ugly as sin monster with creepy green bulging eyes, sharp, pointy teeth, and a lashing tounge that would make Venom jealous. You may not want to show that scene to your kids, as it probably will cause quite a few nightmares among some of the ones able to take less freaky stuff.
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