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    This is So Getting a reboot in 2017 I LOOOVEE IT :D

  • They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

    DuckTales is one my favorite cartoons from my childhood.
  • One of the greatest shows featuring the world's richest duck and his nephews, along with many other memorable characters.

    This is definitely one of the cartoon series that influenced and marked a generation. When Donald enlists in the Navy, he decides to leave his three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie with his uncle, the world's richest duck, Scrooge McDuck. What at first seems like a very bad idea (at least for good old Scrooge), turns out to be one of the best things that happened to the old millionaire. With their help, Scrooge goes on adventures around the world, trying to find treasures and other riches, in hopes of becoming even richer than he already is.

    Besides these four characters, the show also featured other memorable characters like Launchpad McQuack (Scrooge's personal pilot, who's the world's clumsiest pilot, crashing every plane he pilots), Gyro Gearloose (a great inventor, with a solution and an invention for all problems), Mrs. Beakley (the boys nanny) and her grandaughter Webby (who is seen by Scrooge as the niece that he never had), Duckworth (Scrooge's butler), Doofus Drake (the boys best friend, Launchpad's sidekick and one of the members of the Junior Woodchucks), among many others, who made us laugh with their jokes and their nonsenses. Of course, we cannot forget about the villains, who played a very important part in the series, like the Beagle Boys (who dedicate their lives trying to steal the money of Scrooge's Money Bin), Magica De Spell (a witch who wants Scrooge's Number One Dime), El Capitan (a crazy sailor who loves gold), Merlock (although he only appeared in the movie, he was one of the most powerful villains that Scrooge ever faced) and Flintheart Glomgold (Scrooge's personal archrival, and the world's second richest duck, who only wishes to be the first). The cast is among one fo the best ever in a Disney cartoon series. It is also the only Disney animated series which had 100 episodes and a movie. This and more make it pure solid gold. 10 out of 10!
  • DuckTales? WOO HOO!

    In the 80s - early 90s, the Disney company produced some absolute gems such as: "Goof Troop", "Darkwing Duck", "TaleSpin" and of course - "DuckTales" (what ever happened to make them stop producing such classics??)

    DuckTales begins with Donald Duck joining the navy and sending his three nephews (Huey, Dewey and Louie) to live with their Uncle Scrooge while he is away.
    At first Scrooge is none too happy with the situation - as he would prefer to spend his time "swimming" in money - but he soon shows the boys that he is truly a caring duck and looks after them very well.

    Other characters in the show include: Doofus (an overgrown duck kid), Magica DeSpell (an evil sorceress who is always trying to steal Scrooge's "Number One Dime") and of course, Launchpad McQuack (a pilot who is notorious for crashing his plane [and who would also later become Darkwing Duck's sidekick]).

    Episodes of the show cover many different genres - comedy / adventure / sci-fi and drama, just to name a few.

    There has also been a "Ducktales" movie, which was released theatrically, known as "Treasure Of The Lost Lamp". As well as a comic book series of the same name.

    In my opinion, the very best time of all to be a kid was in the 80s - 90s. Especially with shows of this caliber domineering the airwaves.
  • Scrooge McDuck and nephews on the hunt around the world for treasures before the villains can find it and use it for there own personal gain.

    Ducktales the show about Scrooge McDuck the wealthiest duck in all of Duckburg and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie was a great show when I was a child it brings back many memories. The boys and uncle Scrooge would go on treasure hunts or even just try to outsmart villains such as the Beagle Boys and their crazy family, there were lots of Beagles in the family and they were always trying to get Scrooges money. Other villains were Magica and Glomgold who were other villains that also tried to get Scrooges fortune and his lucky dime. Personally I thought the show got better when Bubba and Tootsie arrived they were a handful for Scrooge, the boys and Webbie to take care of. The movie was also great about the golden duck. It would be great to see Disney or one of its other networks bring the show back for the new generation to see since it was a one of kind show.
  • Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie circle the globe in a myriad of wild adventures. They get help from Launchpad, Gyro, Webby, Duckworth and Mrs. Beakley and try to fend off the Beagle Boys from trying to get in Scrooge's moneybin.

    Start with Scrooge who makes Trump look like a pauper, mix in three irrepressible nephews, add some wild dangerous tales and you have a show that was funny and full of adventure and you have the makings of a Disney classic. Scrooge took some time getting the rough edges off but he was someone you eventually warmed to. The regular characters cycled in and out but Scrooge and his Nephews were the focus. Some of the tales were just funny and some weren't the swashbuckling kind but were good anyway. If Disney ever puts this series out on DVD (which I think that they have) I'm gonna pounce on it.
  • Donald Duck is the cousin of Gladstone Gander,but is his rival too.

    the rivals of Scrooge Mcduck are:Flinheart Glomgold,Magica de Spell,the Beagles Boys and Dijon.His friends are:Daisy Duck,Webby Vanderquack,Mrs.Beakley,Duckworth,Launchpad McQuack,Gyro Gearloose,Emily Quackfaster,Gladstone Gander,Fenton Crackshell/Gizmo Duck,Bubba the Caveduck,Mickey Mouse,Goofy,his Relatives:Donald Duck,Huey,Dewey and Louie Duck,Fergus Mcduck(father),Downy O´Drake(sister) etc etc etc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Yay!

    I used to watch Ducktales while I was just a kid... It was awesome, I could stay for hours in front of the TV watching this amazing gang. Sadly, now, I grew up and I can't watch it anymore, since I live in Brazil and my TV station doesn't air the show anymore... =(
  • This show is cool.

    I really like this show . I started watching it a few years ago and now every oppertunity I have to watch it I watch it . It is very funny and I watch it because it is funny when scrooch always dives into all the money in his money bin . It is a great show.
  • i never seen this show when it was on disneychannel like 10am in the morning and i have not seen because school and i always miss the shows like ducktales and talespin and more i only watch 3 shows like goof and aladdin and timon in 3rd to 5th grade

    i did not even now this show was the best tv series. for a month i start to go on google to search every show and read about and search on toon disney shows and ducktales and more and i heard like about 200 people said we went are old toondisney and move jetix and other is ducktales should be back on tv. then i start to go places i like download free shows and search old shows and watch them and i start to watch one espisode of ducktales on youtube and it was cool and 2nd one was on different site and guess what i start to like it
  • DuckTales

    I have all ways love this show and all ways will, But thay did just make 100 episode, and thats it :(. But i hope Disney will try to make another show all most like ducktales it will be great becues ducktales was public show. wasent it ?. I will give this show a rate at 10.
  • Best Disney cartoon ever!

    I got three words to say best cartoon ever it's about Huey Dewey and Louie going to live with Uncle Scrooge when Donald Duck is away in the navy together they have fun adventures with that girl (forgot what she's called) Man this is one of the best shows ever it's got a good theme song from the 80's ah,those were the days it shows repeats on the channel i thought was crap Disney Cinemagic(channel in the UK) it's pretty good so i give it a 1.0.
  • What an amazing show! Why did they cancel it?!

    I want this show to come back so bad! I loved it! It was original, funny and very cleverly plotted. I loved Scrooge Mc.Duck and all the other characters. I really miss this show more than any other 80's and 90's show and I hope half of the new shows that suck get cancelled, so that cool shows such as this one come back!!
  • A very cool show from Disney.

    Duck Tales is one awesome show. It's not around anymore, but this show still stands out even today since it's a very fine creation. This show isn't matched by a lot of animation shows out there today. I wish the new CEO of Disney will bring back this show. With the advancements in 3d technology, they can bring this show back to life. They can even make a movie out of it. Disney please bring back the Duck Tales. This show is fun to watch, the Duck characters are so adorable especially Huey Dewey and Louie, the ducks are a perfect ensemble cast.
  • Ducktails - Oo oo !

    This is a series based on the people living in an around the city of Duckburg - Uncle Scrooge the miser millionare, his grand nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie), Daisy Duck and her nieces (April, May and June), Gyro Gearloose the inventor, Gladstone Gander, Donald\'s lucky cousin and rival, etc. The list goes on and on. Each character was unique, like the thieving Beagle Boys,who are alwasy planning (but never succeeding) to rob Uncle Scrooge. There is Launchpad McQuack who is a pilot and tales the other ducks on strange and bizarre adventures. Although most of Duckburg\'s citizens seem to be duks, dogs, pigs, and other animals, the storylines were always so interesting that one would sometimes forget that these were animations and not live characters.

    Ducktales was a classic series, why did it come to an end ?
  • One of the best disney shows.

    I Wish they'd bring this back, at least for a 6 day filler. It is a great show, i love the jokes and the plot, i recommened it to Scrooge McDuck and Huewie, Duewie and Louie fans. I really, REALLY like this show. And the theme is pretty catchy. I give it a 10.10. At least it made it past the crappy 65 episode limit, and got a movie.
  • Duck Tales is #1

    When i was a young girl i use to watch Duck tales all the time. that was my all time favorite! I thought when we finally got Boommerang on Bright House, i would get to watch my favorite Cartoon again, but i was wrong.:( i just want to see my show again. i hope boomerang puts Duck Tales on again right along side of smurfs and snorks!! i got to see my bugs and daffy again, but it's not the same with out my most fav Duck Tales!! I'm able to watch Duck Tales all day, so i hope with these great ratings Duck Tales is getting, we can get it on our T.Vs again. :)
  • It ain't easy to beat the classics.

    Ah man, "DuckTales" has always been my favorite show since I was a yeetle baby, when I finally turned a year old I was already going "Whoo-whoo" with the theme song. Aw! One of the several shows I grew up on and still treasure. I have an invisible friend from Duckburg, I mostly have one 'cause I refused to grow up. He started out as just a character for fanfiction, but later he became my invisible friend. Well anyways, "DuckTales" is the best Disney show ever, along with Gargoyles.
  • Curse me kilts! DuckTales is Reagan America!

    Okay, so I hope I'm not out of line by saying that DuckTales is like the fundamental principles of a capitalist economy filtered through the prism of 1980s Reagan America.

    What's the single goal in every show? To make money. What's the only time they abandon the pursuit of money? Because the laddies are gonna get it or something if Scrooge doesn't surrender the idol. Why then and only then? Because if there's one thing Reagan America liked better than money, it was family values.

    Ambitious self-made immigrant turned industrialist Scrooge is our model. Predatory monopolist Flinthart, ethnic matriarchial underclass Beagle Boys, and fanatic Eastern Bloc schemer Magica are our enemies. All three often conspire in loose coalition.

    Exactly. Reagan America, my friends.
  • Over all summary of Ducktales and other Disney cartoons. Disney Afternoon, etc.

    Disney\'s Adventures of Ducktales was the first Disney animated series to air daily. A few years previous to Ducktales was another Disney saturday morning series entitled Gummi Bears. However, Gummi Bears and Ducktales were two very different things! *chuckle* The theme song of Ducktales really summed up the whole show:
    Life is like a hurricane
    Here in Duck - burg
    Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
    It\'s a duck - blur!
    Might solve a mystery,
    Or rewrite history!

    Ducktales! (a - whooh ooh)
    Every day they\'re out there making
    Ducktales! (a - whooh ooh)
    Tales of daring do bad and good

    D - D - D - Danger!
    (Watch behind you)
    There\'s a stranger,
    (out to find you!)
    What to do?
    Just grab on to some...

    Ducktales! (a - whooh ooh)
    Every day they\'re out there making
    Ducktales! (a - whooh ooh)
    Tales of daring do bad and good

    Not pony tales or cotton tales, no
    (a - whooh ooh)

    Ducktales had cost much more to make then it did for Gummi Bears since Gummi Bears was really a way for Disney to \"test\" the animated series market. Ducktales, Gummi Bears and many more aired in syndication on The Disney Afternoon was a created-for-syndication two-hour television series which aired from September 10, 1990 until 1998. It was produced by The Walt Disney Company.

    The two hour show was broken up into four half-hour segments, each of which contained an animated cartoon. As each season ended, the first cartoon shown in the lineup would typically be dropped, and a new one added to the end. The Disney Afternoon itself featured unique animated segments consisting of its own opening and \"wrappers\" around the cartoon shows shown.

    Some of the early cartoon series in The Disney Afternoon came from already in-circulation cartoons, such as Disney\'s Adventures of the Gummi Bears (created years earlier). DuckTales and Chip \'n Dale Rescue Rangers had been a one hour long cartoon block in 1989-1990, until both were incorporated into The Disney Afternoon. TaleSpin was the first series presumably created expressly for The Disney Afternoon.

    Some of the later additions were inspired by shorter cartoons in the short lived series Raw Toonage [1], which appeared on the ABC network in Fall, 1992 -- see Marsupilami; also He\'s Bonkers!, which, with storyboard revision, eventually became Bonkers.

    The other main source for Disney Afternoon cartoons were series inspired by movies created previously; for a time, a \'two year rule\' of sorts became almost reliable, whereby about two years after a Disney summer movie came out, a Disney Afternoon series by the same name was released (example: Aladdin, and Timon and Pumbaa, from The Lion King.)
    (Bits and pieces taken from wikipedia)
    In 1992 Ducktales was removed from The Disney Afternoon, but re-joined the schedule for the last 1998 season. After the end of The Disney Afternoon (D.A.F.T) Disney created a new line-up to air on UPN affiliates entitled Disney\'s One Too. A few Disney Afternoon shows were shown on this new line-up, but featured new faces such as Disney\'s Recess, Sabrina: The Animated Series, Disney\'s Doug, Disney\'s Hercules, Disney\'s Pepper Ann, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Disney\'s The Weekenders, Disney\'s The Legend of Tarzan, and Digimon. After a five season run the line-up was removed and those shows as well moved to Toon Disney. Today no One Too shows are currently brodcasted except a few such as Digimon. That year Ducktales “executed” removed from Disney, but was placed on a daily channel entitled Toon Disney that featured all Disney Afternoon shows plus movies, current programs, etc. In 2004 Ducktales was removed from Toon Disney never to be seen again. Thankfully on November, 8, 2005 Disney released Disney\'s Ducktales and Chip \'N Dale Rescue Rangers to DVD boxset. Although Ducktales no longer airs on any channels it can now be seen on DVD with many bonus features. In the future we hope to see more Disney programs on DVD such as Gummi Bears, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, The Wuzzles, Doug, Pepper Ann, etc. So now you have a little bit of everything concerning Ducktales, The Disney Afternoon, and the spin-off of The Disney Afternoon Disney\'s One Too.

    Prior knowledge
    Old T.V Guide Magazines
    Official Disney Episode Guide

    Below I am enclosing a complete list of all Disney Afternoon, One Too, and One Saturday Morning shows.
    \"The Gummi Bears\"
    \"The Wuzzles\"
    \"The New Adventures
    of Winnie the Pooh\"
    \"Chip \'n Dale Rescue Rangers\"
    \"Tale Spin\"
    \"Darkwing Duck\"
    \"The Little Mermaid\"
    \"Goof Troop\"
    \"Timon & Pumbaa\"
    \"Brand Spanking New! Doug\"
    \"Jungle Cubs\"
    \"Mighty Ducks\"
    \"Quack Pack\"
    \"Pepper Ann\"
    \"101 Dalmatians: The Series\"
    \"Teacher\'s Pet\"
    \"Buzz Lightyear of Star Command\"
    \"The Weekenders\"
    \"Lloyd in Space\"
    \"House of Mouse\"
    \"The Legend of Tarzan\"
    \"Teamo Supremo\"
    Disney 1985 - 2003

  • A great Classic.

    Since I loved to read Disney Comics, and really enjoy this series. I liked to see the characters travelling and searching for treasures, and also seing a lot of characters from the comics in this cartoon such as the Beagle Brothers, Magica, Gyro, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and Huey, Dewey and Louie as well as the new characters like Launchpad and Webby. I am really thinking in get the DVD when it comes.
  • This show is the best because it brings back memories for me.

    Since I was in Preschool and Pre-K, I heard about Ducktales and it was my favorite show since it came to my mind. Now since 2001, I watched it every day on Toon Disney and taped every episode I can find. This remains one of the best Disney Animated TV Shows of all time.
  • An excellent show.

    DuckTales was a very funny show. It had loads of funny plots and hilarious dialogue! One of my favorite characters was Scrooge McDuck because the way he was so money-crazy was just too funny. His nephews Hewey, Dewey, and Louie were also great characters. Launchpad the pilot was also an outstanding character. I recomend to anyone who can get there hands on an episode or a hundred.
  • One of Disney's best and most loved shows todate! DUCKTALES! AWHOOH OOH!!!

    One of Disney's best and most loved shows todate!
    (curse that 65 episode rule) DuckdTales did well to make it too 100 episodes, im hopeing we will be seeing a DVD sometime soon but i think disney will never go ahead with it (Dam money hungry CEO - Disney needs a competant CEO) Anyhow in short DuckTales rocked and it was Disney's first animated afternoon tv show!!

    Ducktales! AWHOOH OOH!
    Every day they're out there making
    Ducktales! AWHOOH OOH!
    Tales of daring do bad and goodluck tales!

  • DuckTales is by far the best cartoon ever!!!

    DuckTales is by far the best cartoon ever!!! Carl Bark's creations of Scrooge McDuck and the rest of the clang are among the most loved characters Disney have produced. The stories in each episode are of both drama and adventure as Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Louie, Dewey, Launchpad McQuack and webby hunt for richies to add to Mr McDuck's growing wealth. In the pilot special, we see Scrooge McDuck hunting the lost Treasure of the Golden Suns, which introduces the series perfectly as Scrooge solves the myth of the lost city of Atlantis and myth of the Bermuda Trinagle, among others. But there our other laughs including Ma Beagle claiming she is Scrooge's husband so she can claim his wealth and Scrooge being framed by Glomgold and sent to jail. All in all this is a great series and one that Disney can be very proud of. The only thing left for Disnet to do is to release the entire series of DuckTales (well we can at least keep our fingers crossed)
  • Life is Like a Huricain!

    Here in DuckBurg. These few line in the theme song started on of the best TV shows in Disney history. DuckTale Woo woo! Closed it. It stared ScroogeMcDuck a quadzillionare allways looking for ways to make more money. Also, Huey, Dewey, and Louie - Scrooge's nephews were in it.

    Together in the presuing money, they emparked on marvelous half-hour adventures and even a movie!

    Saddly, this show will not see the light of day. Disney has pulled it from the Toon Disney line-up. And, there are no attemps to make a DVD set of it. The show that was once a huge sucess, will not see 2005.
  • One of the best Disney TV shows.

    I love this show. It's about Scrooge McDuck who had to have his nephews Huewy, Dewey, and Louie stay over at his mansion while Donald Duck is out in the navy. At first Scrooge didn't want his nephews to stay but then he started to like them more. This show is full of action and humor. This is like one of my favorate Disney cartoons and now I have the first volume on DVD, I want to get the second volume soon, not to mention that Volume 3 came out recently. It is a great show for the whole family. I highly recommend you check this show out.
  • This was one of my favorites as a kid and it still is today.

    When I was a little kid I used to watch DuckTales and I still do today, though not on Toon Disney in the US which now shows newer shows for a new generation of kids including the Jetix block which has been successful with many young boys though has upseted many over classic loving teens and adults (sorry, but that is they way I have seen it, it's too provable. And just letting you know, Toon Disney is a kids channel aimed at 6-11 year olds, I've even read about it, so stop fussing over i so much please, the changes were made for kids and they like it.), for me I love Jetix being an action show person, so Jetix is my favorite action block after Toonami, many of the shows and companies on there are now owned by Disney and welcome them into the Disney family especially Digimon.

    But though I like the new, I do miss the old too, Toon Disney shows many older shows late at night including Rescue Rangers, but sadly due to bad scheduling, DuckTales is not part of it anymore. DuckTales is very popular among classsic loving teens and adults including me too so it should be on the late night block again, so that is one thing I was a little peeved about. Luckly this is one thing DVDs are for and thankfully they are finally coming out on DVD due to many requests from the fans who grew up with it.

    I loved many things about DuckTales, may favorite character was Launchpad, he was the most humorous to me, a great pilot though a bad lander, he crashes everytime and does much more to give many laughs. Scrooge McDuck who is the main character of the show may seem greedy at times and sometimes that's true but he has learned a lot about family since taking in Donald's nephews and bringing in Ms. Beakly with her granddaughter Webbigail for help with taking care of them. This show had a lot of great adventures with a lot of great humor and a little bit of some good drama at times too and mystery. This show contained so much fun.

    This show has many things for many people, if you get it on DVD, I would recommend sharing this show with your kids if you have them and any one else who is a fan of stuff from the 80's but may have missed this show.

    To end this, I would say that DuckTales is probably my top favorite of the classics from Disney's selection of classics, at least from the 80's anyway,.
  • DuckTales is about Donald Duck's rich Uncle Scrooge and Donald's brothers Hewey, Dewey, and Louie. Mrs. Beakly is a nanny hired by Scrooge to watch Hewey, Dewey, and Louie. Along with her nice daughter, Webby. Webby is a good character, I think.

    This show is one of my favorite shows that used to be on Toon Disney. They took it off and now I'm mad. The show made me know Donald Duck has brothers. Another think I'm mad at is that they ended the show. I thought the show would last forever, like The Simpsons probably will, but they ended it, and I'm really mad at that. The characters were great, especially Scrooge. But at least they still show that other show on Toon Disney, The House Of Mouse so I can see more of Donald Duck. That show comes in 2nd while this show comes in 1st place. That's my opinion about this show.
  • Take a gander at the main page.

    This show was a total classic. I don't think there's a kid alive who grew up in the 1980s who didn't watch this show! Gizmo duck ruled all! The best part is that the show spawned a totally awesome spin off, Darkwing Duck. Everything about this show rocked, even the movies!!!
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