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  • One of Disney's best!

    I think I have a tape of a few episodes of this and now that I remember it, I watched it when I had quite some spare time as a kid. Remember, this was back when Disney was good. Unlike today! Revolving around the adventures of Donald Duck's nephews and their uncle Scrooge, this show was still a success even with Donald having only limited roles. This was thanks to creative characters and good writing revolving around a good and non-repetitive plot. With a great theme song, first class non-computer animation, unique and mostly interesting villains (especially Magica de Spell), pretty good humor and writing, nicely developed characters, and that irresistable charm Disney used to have, it's no wonder this one stood out. Sometimes you wonder where did all this go and why is it not put into most animated shows anymore? I mean, this wasn't a show that was just put on the air for money, desperation of viewers, or for networks to justify their inflated budgets! This was a cartoon that just put effort into becoming a good cartoon and it worked. Even though I've grown up and am now past this show, this show still has a place in my heart.