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  • Amazing Tales

    This is another one of those shows in my childhood. Some relics from time long gone don't always withstand the test of time very well, shows that I thought were good but then years later I see them and they would fail to meet the expectations I have now. But this show is truely an exception because it has withstood the test and I have as much fun with the show now as I did back when I was a kid.

    This show I thought was great. Not just from the great hand drawn animation style that I'll admit still looks really good today in my book. But from it's personality and emotion it holds.

    The minor characters are colorful and great, two of my favorates "Launchpad Mcquack" whom is a pea brained Errol Flynn like character. He is a dangeriously unqualified pilot that always crashes each and every aircraft he pilots though with style and miraculously survives each and everyone of them. Gyro Gearloose whom is to Scrooge what the character Q is to James Bond, he always comes up with the most inovative gagets which amazingly work as long as something doesn't go wrong or someone misuses it (which is usually the case).

    And of course Uncle Scrooge whom is one of my favorate animated chracters ever, this guy is one of those pulp heroes similar with "Doc Savage", "Buckaroo Banzai", and "Macgyver". On the surface he seems like a typical greedy tycoon with that money bin of his, but as we see deep down inside he really is person with a warm heart for his family and friends; as well as that Scottsman like brashness and charm, and that money bin really symbolizes his achivments in his adventures. His role on the surface is a business man but in reality he's really a determined ambitious adventurer whom is always looking for the next big score or discovery.

    And they do go on a varity of adventures which all pay a very huge homage to a lot of the pulp serials and stories on a decade long gone. The naive romantic creative sensability of them is intact. What I also love is other than creative adventures there were some and most that were afraid of creative a real sense of emotion. Like there were a few of my favorates (ones I've reviewed) 1. Duck to the Future 2. Nothing to Fear 3. The Golden Goose that were pritty dark and really made the show take an unfun turn. But that was great because it really brought out the humanity and depth in the characters more.

    Well I've said enough, Ducktales are truely legendary tales that are timeless to me.
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