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  • The first Disney Afternoon show was a very good one.

    I remember first seeing Scrooge Mcduck in the Disney Christmas Carol special from the 90s and I've liked him ever since. Ducktales was a show about the life of Scrooge as the world's richest duck, and the adventures that he and his nephews would go on. Ducktales marked the first Disney Afternoon series, and it was a really cool one. It's one of the best Disney cartoons ever created, though not quite as good as a few others.

    Scrooge was extremely greedy, yet he was still funny. In fact it was mainly because of him that he, Huey, Louie and Dewey went on their adventures. The three nephews are more developed here than in the cartoon shorts with Donald, and they each have their own personlity like Chip and Dale in Rescue Rangers. Launchpad has always rocked, and he even appears later in Darkwing Duck. Webby... annoyed me then, and she annoys me to this day. The villains are pretty awesome too. The Beagle Boys are especially funny. Also like Rescue Rangers, Ducktales was full of adventure. The episodes had Scrooge travelling all around the world. What's not to like about a premise like that? Not much.

    I have to admit, the theme for Ducktales is catchy, but not in a good way. It's too catchy! To the point where you can't get it out of your head even when you want to! And while I do like shows like Darkwing Duck and Kim Possible more than this, Ducktales still rocks! It was the first of many incredible animated shows that were put out by Disney in the 90s. It pains me that Disney Channel no longer relies on it's classic franchises that Walt Disney himself was responsible for, and just puts out these stupid-ass tween sitcoms that feature horrible, generic music and a forced laugh track for scenes that aren't even funny. Oh well, at least I can look back on cartoons like Ducktales for entertainment.
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