Season 1 Episode 6

Robot Robbers

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 25, 1987 on

Episode Recap

One of Scrooge's morning pleasures is reading about his successes, but this is ruined by an article saying he lost a construction contract to Flintheart Glomgold. Furious, Scrooge goes to a construction site where bigger an non-automatized versions of Armstrong the Robot are seen working on a building. Gyro Gearloose was seen operating one of the robots and says he took Scrooge's advice from "Armstrong". Launchpad McQuack was there piloting an helicopter with and ad for Flintheart until he crashes, causing Flintheart to fire Launchpad. Scrooge said that building such big robots is a mistake, but Flintheart wouldn't listen. Ma Beagle, who was secretly there taking photographs with help from apple-disguised cameras, is about to prove Scrooge right by stealing one of the robots and using it to set her sons free from prison. Later on, they steal the other robots and use it for their crimes. Flintheart tries to stop them, only to end as a hockey disk. Now it's up to Scrooge, Launchpad and Flintheart to stop them. At first, they trick the Beagle Boys into a dam, hoping to defeat them like it happened to Armstrong, but Gyro tells them via radio that the robots are waterproof. Later on, the Beagle Boys try to open the Money Bin, but learn they first need to recharge. Our heroes see it as a chance to deactivate the robots with an overload. They go to the power plant to cause the overload and deactivate all but one robot (Ma Beagle had already finished her recharge). The Beagle Boys join their mother at the remaining robot. Later on, they're tricked into a storage facility, where our heroes inutilize the last robot by filling the storage with cement. The Beagle Boys try to run, but are caught by the cement. Ma Beagle, who was clever enough to wait until the cement dries, is able to escape. The Beagle Boys are arrested, Flintheart Glomgold is forced to fix the damages without any help from the robots and Scrooge sees a chance of Score a big construction deal with it.

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