Season 1 Episode 2

Send In The Clones

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 21, 1987 on

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  • how to play

    i wanna see this episode but how where is link plsss help me
  • My favourite episode

    "Send in the Clones" is my biggest favourite solo episode for this show. It introduces Magica, a witch with russian accent, and one who gets frequently carried away when talking about Scrooge's no1. dime. This is the only episode where Magica was allied with the Beagle Boys as well.

    "Send in the Clones" is one of (if not) the funniest episode of the show. The fast paced carnage is hilarious, and for once, Mrs. Beakley is a very sympathetic character, and has a strong role as well. As for the Beagles, I always thought Burger is the funniest one, with Bigtime being a close second. The one-shot character Webra Walters is a great spoof of the NBC journalist Barbara Walters.

    Overall, this episode is very well written, and is highly recommended for anyone at any age to be introduced to this show.
  • Magica busts the Beagle Boys out of jail and hires them to help her steal Scrooge's #1 dime. She changes them into Scrooge's nephews and they infiltrate his mansion.

    Not a bad episode.

    Magica DeSpell is the show's greatest villain. She is such an interesting character. It isn't quite explained why Scrooge's #1 dime possesses certain magical possiblities. Magica says its because its the reason for his wealth. Throughout the series, this is always her motive ... to steal Scrooge's #1 dime and use its magical possiblities to her own end. The Beagle Boys are great characters, too. It was wise to give the Beagle Boys real names. In the comics the Beagle Boys always referred to each other by their prisoner numbers. That would get very tedious in a cartoon. Burger is a funny character.

    Webra Walters appears in this episode. She would appear in subsequent episodes as well. She's Barbara Walters with a lisp. That's hilarious.

    The episode was full of action from start to finish. A lot was jammed into 23 minutes, but it works out great.

    I love the look Magica gives the Beagle Boys when her hair turns green due to that magic dust.

    I loved this show as a kid, and I still love it watching it as an adult.
  • The evil Russian sorceress Magica De Spell plots to steal Scrooge's first dime. If it is melted into her amulet she will rule the world. She turns three of the Beagle Boys into clones of Scrooge's nephews to steal the dime.

    Here's the way I review: (anything 5 or below is bad) 6.0 Average, 7.0 Above Average, 8.0 Great, 9.0 Amazing!! This episode introduced the main characters and several major villains. One of which who made her animated debut in this episode is the Carl Barks created Uncle Scrooge comic book villainess Magica De Spell. For those who didn't see the pilot movie (or more commonly known as a 5 parter) "Treasure of the Golden Suns" the Beagle Boys are shown again in this episode. These characters would play a big part in many other episodes of the series. The episode title is a play on words on the song "Send in the Clowns". It was well written with plenty of humorous lines and for the most part good delivery. This episode also gives a good, quick explanation to why Magica De Spell wants Scrooge's first dime so badly. I wish there was a little bit more explanation though. It is the first dime he ever earned and therefore it possesses enough magic to make Magica powerful enough to rule the world!!! This episode also reveals that her raven Poe is really her brother!!! The use of the Beagle Boys as three clones of Scrooge's nephews and later with Magica as a clone of Mrs. Beakley leads to many interesting situations. Also notice that Webra Walters (she's a dog not a duck though which is interesting since her name is Webra) is a Parody of famous U.S. ABC news reporter Barbara Walters. Webra came to Scrooge's Mansion during the clone craziness to do a story on he and his family's life for Duckweek Magazine. As you can imagine with the mixture of the good and bad nephews and good and bad Mrs. Beakley, Webra has quite a story on her hands! Her story only gets more interesting when two of the three real nephews tell her that they think Mrs. Beakley has been "Quacker Snatched"!! This assumption comes from the real nephews going to see the alien movie "Invasion of the Quacker Snatchers" (parody of the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" during the first part of the episode. The only problem that I saw was how complicated the plot was the first time I watched it. There is a lot going on between the real nephews and the clones, but it remains entertaining up until the end. After rewatching this episode I decided to give it a 7.0 because it is above average like many DuckTales episodes but because it has a complex storyline and I had to watch it a few times to really appreciate it I can't give it anything higher than a 7.0!! I also thought Webra Walters was a cool addition along with "Invasion of the Quacker Snatchers"! It defintiely can be watched multiple times though which is another reason I changed my score from the previous 6.5!!! In fact I highly reccommend rewatching it several times in order to see what all is going on!!!! Check out my other detailed reviews DuckTales fans!!!! Scrooge McNix
  • Magica DeSpell causes havoc at the McDuck residence when she sends in the Beagle Boys as Scrooges nefews.

    The story stars out with a reporter visiting Scrooge to get an idea of what the McDuck house is like. Scrooge lets the boys go to the movies to see Invasion of the Quacker Snatchers and while they are out Magica devises a plan to get Scrooges #1 dime. Magica employs the Beagle Boys to go under cover as Huey Duey and Louie and they have no problems getting inside the house. The Beagle Boys (as the boys) end up getting into trouble and are sent to their room. Huey Duey and Louie come home after the movie and are scolded by Scrooge for something they know they didn't do. Magica finds out that the Beagle Boys aren't doing what they were sent to do so she turns herself into Ms. Beakley and goes to whip them into shape. Once she gets there mayhem insues as everyone mistakes everyone else as they move about the house. Ultimately Magica (as Ms. Beakley) gets the dime and takes the Beagle Boys minus Burger becasue they accidently take Huey with them. In the mean time Scrooge, Huey and Louie find out that they actually have Burger. Burger "spills the beans" on the whole plot and spur a rescue effort of Huey and Ms. Beakley (who was kidnapped because she ran into Magica). Scrooge, Louie and Duey (along with Webra) go to Magica's lair to rescue Huey and Beakley. Huey devises his own plan and gets free from being tied up and frees Ms. Beakley. Huey tries to use all of Magicas potions to try to get away but they don't work. When Scrooge and the other boys show up it ends up being a good ploy by Scrooge by telling Magica that he still has the #1 dime and switches with her. They switch Burger for Huey and end up leaving. Of course the #1 dime isn't the real one and Magica's concotion blows up on her and Scrooge and the boys go home happily ever after.