Season 1 Episode 2

Send In The Clones

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 21, 1987 on

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  • Magica DeSpell causes havoc at the McDuck residence when she sends in the Beagle Boys as Scrooges nefews.

    The story stars out with a reporter visiting Scrooge to get an idea of what the McDuck house is like. Scrooge lets the boys go to the movies to see Invasion of the Quacker Snatchers and while they are out Magica devises a plan to get Scrooges #1 dime. Magica employs the Beagle Boys to go under cover as Huey Duey and Louie and they have no problems getting inside the house. The Beagle Boys (as the boys) end up getting into trouble and are sent to their room. Huey Duey and Louie come home after the movie and are scolded by Scrooge for something they know they didn't do. Magica finds out that the Beagle Boys aren't doing what they were sent to do so she turns herself into Ms. Beakley and goes to whip them into shape. Once she gets there mayhem insues as everyone mistakes everyone else as they move about the house. Ultimately Magica (as Ms. Beakley) gets the dime and takes the Beagle Boys minus Burger becasue they accidently take Huey with them. In the mean time Scrooge, Huey and Louie find out that they actually have Burger. Burger "spills the beans" on the whole plot and spur a rescue effort of Huey and Ms. Beakley (who was kidnapped because she ran into Magica). Scrooge, Louie and Duey (along with Webra) go to Magica's lair to rescue Huey and Beakley. Huey devises his own plan and gets free from being tied up and frees Ms. Beakley. Huey tries to use all of Magicas potions to try to get away but they don't work. When Scrooge and the other boys show up it ends up being a good ploy by Scrooge by telling Magica that he still has the #1 dime and switches with her. They switch Burger for Huey and end up leaving. Of course the #1 dime isn't the real one and Magica's concotion blows up on her and Scrooge and the boys go home happily ever after.