Season 1 Episode 2

Send In The Clones

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 21, 1987 on



  • Trivia

    • When Magica said "Get That Brat", Her legs were white, not Yellow.

    • Magica De Spell is voiced by June Foray; who also was the voice for Natasha Fatale the female villain on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

    • Magica De Spell was based on a combination of an Italian actress (Sophia Loren), Morticia Addams (The Addams Family) and Maleficent (Disney's Sleeping Beauty)

    • If you've read the Scrooge McDuck comics, he didn't actually earn his first dime, someone thought he was a beggar and gave it to him.

    • Burger Beagle calls Scrooge 'Scroogie'.

    • By the end of the series Scrooge had become used to the Beagles trying to steal his property, This is the second episode and already the second time the Beagle Boy's had tried to steal a possesion of Scrooge's.

    • Webra, the reporter cannot pronounce her 'r's.


      EDIT: or her 'L's.

    • Webby has a Quacky Patch Doll, dressed exactly the same as her.

    • Magica believes Scrooge's numebr one dime is magical, when In reality Scrooge only considers it lucky as it was the first dime that started his fortune

    • In the opening seqence of this episode we see a aeriel shot of Duckburg. Scrooge's money bin and Duckburg Prison are very close together

    • Scenes from this episode can be seen in the intro movie

    • Animated debut of Magica DeSpell.

  • Quotes

    • Scooge: Burger what are you doing in my mansion? (Webra takes a picture) and where's Huey?
      Burger (as Huey): My lips are zipped Scroogie. Nothing you do will make me spill the beans.
      Scooge: Oh yeah? How about no supper?
      Burger (as Huey): You got me, okay this was all Magica DeSpells idea, she's got big plans for that dime of yours.

    • (Louie and Duey come across Burger transformed into Huey eating the gross soup that seemed to be alive)
      Louie: How did you get up here?
      Duey: and how can you eat that stuff?
      Burger (as Huey): Easy, although that soup did put up quite a fight. (burp)

    • Scooge: Ms. Beakley why haven't the boys had lunch yet?
      Magica (as Ms. Beakley): I give up vhy?
      Scooge: And are you talking with an accent?
      Magica (as Ms. Beakley): Vhat accent?
      Scooge: Uh nevermind maybe you should make some lunch for the boys perhaps they'll behave if they've eaten.
      Magica (as Ms. Beakley): Oh oh oh, yes of course i'll vhip up something dahling. (Scrooge gives her a second glance) uh Mr. McDuck.

    • Mrs. Beakley: There now, don't you look nice? Just like the Beagle Boys. THE BEAGLE BOYS??!

    • Bigtime (as Dewey): Hey Babyface, get this crazed dame offa me!
      Mrs. Beakley: (gasps) That's the last movie you go to! The language you come back with!

    • Scrooge: Why don't I show you my study? You can tell a lot about a man by his study. Meticulous study, meticulous business, I always say. (opens door, but hears an explosion and sees safe dropping into study)
      Bigtime (as Dewey): Uh-oh...
      Scrooge: (slams door shut) Forget the study! You can never tell a thing about a man by his study, I always say.

    • Webra: Excuse me, Mrs. Beakwey, my weaders deserve a weal scoop. What's Scwooge weawwy wike?
      Magica (as Mrs. Beakley): He is fool.
      Webra: And what about the boys?
      Magica (as Mrs. Beakley): More fools! And I was a fool for ever springing them from jail!

    • Scrooge: This'll make a nice cover photo for Duckweek - Scrooge and his nephews... (Burger turns back to normal) ...playing "Beagle Boys and Indians". (realizes) BEAGLE BOYS??!

    • Poe: (after Babyface turns Magica into a raven) Well well, how does it feel now?

    • Scrooge: I didn't get rich by being stupid.

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