Season 2 Episode 2

Super DuckTales

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Mar 26, 1989 on
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Episode Summary

Super DuckTales
Scrooge must move his money bin after the mayor decides to build a new highway right through where is money bin is standing. Fenton deciding to try and impress Scrooge hides his fortune in a lake, but the Beagle Boys discover the secret.

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Alan Young

Alan Young

Scrooge McDuck

Chuck McCann

Chuck McCann

Duckworth, Burger Beagle & Bouncer Beagle

Hal Smith

Hal Smith

Gyro Gearloose, Police Chief & Robot

Russi Taylor

Russi Taylor

Huey, Dewey & Louie

Terence McGovern

Terence McGovern

Launchpad McQuack

Joan Gerber

Joan Gerber

Mrs. Beakley

Hamilton Camp

Hamilton Camp

Fenton Crackshell & GizmoDuck

Recurring Role

Miriam Flynn

Miriam Flynn

Gandra Dee

Recurring Role

June Foray

June Foray

Ma Beagle

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the cut scene when the Beagle are breaking out of jail, we see Scrooge's former inmates from episode Duckman of Aquatraz, we also see Mad-dog, who was released from jail in that episode, after it was proven Glomgold had set him up for robbery aswell as Scrooge.

    • At the end of part 3 ("Full Metal Duck"), Fenton is still wearing his pajamas before he puts on the Gizmosuit prior to Megabyte taking control of him. Yet, when MEL 'undresses' him in part 5 ("Money to Burn"), he's dressed the way he normally is.

    • This episode was first shown as Super DuckTales on the anthology series. It was later aired in five parts: Liquid Assets, Frozen Assets, Full Metal Duck, The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club and Money To Burn.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Big Time: Burger get over here and help us fudge these blueprints
      Burger: how do you expect me to fudge without any fudge. (he kicks a candy machine and grabs a chocolate)

    • Scrooge:A day without looking at me money bin, is like a dayt without sunshine!

    • Fenton:Being a bean counter must be the most boring-ist job in the world!

    • Fenton reading Scrooge's ad for an accountant: Help wanted! Scrooge McDuck need an accountant, Count money, but don't count on getting any money!

    • Fenton from the window says to Scrooge)
      Fenton:C'mon Mr McDuck, you gotta hire me! Nobody can balance a chequebook like me! Balancing the Chequebook on his noise, Scrooge picks up his fish from his fishtank and throws it at Fenton.

    • Scrooge:I'm never late for an appointment.
      Salesmen:I've got the best bargains in town.
      Scrooge: And I'm never late for a bargain!

    • Scrooge:Whats good for Uncle Sam, is good for Uncle Scrooge.

    • (Launcpad talking to Scrooge through a radio, whilst moving the Money Bin)
      Scrooge: Whats all that racket?
      Launchpad: Nothing just a little fender-bender.
      (Loud Screaming and Crashing sounds heard from Scrooge Radio)
      Scrooge: What the hell is going on there.
      (One final loud crash sound)
      Launchpad: The sissys never seen a shopping mail collapse before!

    • (Fenton after being tricked by the Beagle Boys)
      Fenton:Boss, before you boot my backside back to boston, give me a minute to explain.

    • (Scrooge answers the phone)
      Scrooge:Its your dime, Speak.

    • (Fenton to Ma Beagle)
      Fenton:Thanks lady!
      Baggy Beagle:Thats no lady, thats our ma!

    • Fenton:Ma, aren't you happy for me? I've got a job!
      Fentons MotherI'll be happy when you pick up these Quakerjacks off the floor!

    • (Scrooge and Huey, Dewey and Louie in the limo, looking for Scrooge Money Bin

      Where could someone hide a building that size?
      Dewey:Yeah, where did all that DOUGH go?
      (Right as they drive past a DOUGHNUT factory, which is actually the hiding place)

    • Police Officer:Scrooge McDuck, your under arrest for theft and interupting a Bridge Game.

    • (Ma Beagle to Police Officer)
      Ma Beagle:one more word from you, and you could be writing speed tickets to penguins in antartica.

    • (Huey, Dewey and Louie at the police station)
      We brought are piggy banks to pay for Uncle Scrooges Bail
      Police Officer:Sorry boys, but the bail is $10,000.
      (Huey, Dewey and Louie all look at each other is disbelief)

    • Scrooge:Park the submarine Launchpad.
      Scrooge:I said Park it, not Crash it!

    • Scrooge:You haven't seen the last of me you purse snatchers form space!

  • NOTES (24)

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming More Than One Hour).

    • A scene cut in syndication from Liquid Assets in order to try to get Fenton to leave Scrooge takes a shotgun and fires a warning shot at him and he counts the bullets which is what leads him to hire him.

    • All five episodes of this special are Included on the Volume Three DVD

    • We learned that the Beagle Boys didn't live at Ma's house 20 years ago.

    • This episode was first shown as Super DuckTales on the anthology series. It was later aired in five parts: Liquid Assets, Frozen Assets, Full Metal Duck, The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club and Money To Burn.

    • Scrooge wakes up to find workers digging in the direction of his money, for a new highway. He storms all the way down to town hall to see the mayor in this pajamas!

    • When Scrooge is interviewing for his accountants job, If the applicant doesn't meet his approval he presses a button, which makes the chair eject, throwing them out the window.

    • The name of the lake where Fenton hides Scrooge's money is named Lake Doobeegon - Lake Do Be Gone.

    • Fenton uses Scrooge's Lucky Dime to make a fone call, thinking it was for emergency fone calls.

    • Fenton is introduced for the first time, and Gizoduck later in the Special Episode

    • This was the first episode written for the second series, although it was originally aired second, Time Is Money (first aired Special for the second series) was written for the first season but produced for the second instead

    • Scrooge tells Gyro to make sure that the suit cannot fall into the wrong hands. So gyro voiced activates the robot suit, to arm and disarm when it hears the word, Blabbering Blatherskite. He comes up with this name because he thought no-one would use that term, The first time Fenton sees the suit, those our his first words

    • There is a statue in Duckburg identical to New Yorks Statue of the Liberty, but the statue is a Duck holding a torch

    • With the introduction of Fenton Crackshell and his alter-ego GizmoDuck, the second series sees Scrooge and his nephews move into the background, and Gizoduck is the base for most the the new stories

    • During the third part of this Episode, we see a cut-scent where two of theBeagle Boys are trying to break out of jail, we see some of Scrooge's inmates in their cells from the first seasons episode Duckman of Aquatraz

    • Ma Beagle has identical tatooes on either arm, of a heart with a arrow through it

    • When Ma Beagle buys Scrooge's Mansion, she hosts a party, where Scrooge disguising himself to get inside, he poses as the Firewarden and a baby

    • Burger Beagle eats a cake that has grenades in it. Ma Beagle enters the room and tells him off, because that was for his brother in sanquin, Ma Beagle always sends her boys cakes containing tools or weapons so they can break out

    • Mrs Beakly bakes Scrooge a cake, just like Ma Beagle does with a grenade in it, But Scrooge puts his hand in the cake and pulls out to the pin in the grenade, Mrs Beakly grabs the cake and throws in out the window, it explodes, and Mrs Beakly is put in the cell with Scrooge!

    • The total runtime for this Special is 100mins (1 Hour 40 mins)

    • In previous episodes when someone has tried to steal Scrooge's money they have failed, for the first time Scrooge actually does lose some money

    • The classic scene where Scrooge's dam bursts due to the Beagle Boys selling termites to them in disguise from part one "Liquid Assets" is from Carl Barks' first full length Scrooge story "Only A Poor Old Man"

    • The little clown statue GizmoDuck knocks over in part 2 greatly resembles Mickey Mouse

    • This movie marks the only time Doofus appears during season 2