Season 3 Episode 4

The Good Muddahs

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 07, 1989 on

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  • I liked the Beagle Babes wish we had seen them in more Episodes.Good episode.

    Poor Webby is seen in the first scene being pushed aside by the boys who refuse to play with her,then her grandmother pats her on the head and says she is to busy to play so she sends her off to Scrooge who also pats her head and sends her back to the boys.She looks like she is gonna cry but Scrooge is to busy to notice I guess.Course we never really see him spend one on one time with her so why would he start now .And you just wanted to pick her up and hug her. The Beagle Babes try and steal the crown jewels Scrooge has on display when they can't get the jewels they go grab Webby.There seems to be a lot of people around yet no one seems to be able to stop them from taking her.And even Scrooge and her grandmother who are standing right next to her seem to only notice this as she lets out a scream.Then they begin chasing them only to let them get away with Webby. We now see the family back home.Where they get a ransom note.Scrooge seems to be more worried about upsetting some else then the life of the child.Or maybe he doesn't want to be bugged with reading another story.He says is waiting for the police.Wait you wait until you get all the way home to call the police when you saw the whole thing and you now wait for hours for them to show up.Ms Beakly seems to want to do something but wants Scrooge to make the first move.When the cops show up they seem to be to stupid to do anything.The cutest part of the scene is when Scrooge pushes them out the door saying not to come back without his Wee Webby then you see him and Ms. Beakly biting their nails. Webby won't stop crying and the Beagle Babes are getting sick of it.Maybe thats the only way she gets attention at home is when she drives someone crazy until they do pay attention to her.The Beagles Babes put her to bed only to have Webby put them to sleep with a story.She begins going home only to come back after thinking what am I stupid.In the morning she tells the Beagle Babes no one wants her at home and so they decide to keep her.They call Scrooge and tell forget the ransom we are gonna keep Webby.He looks shocked.Well did you really expect them to give her back after she gave them a sob story.Finally Ms. Beakly stomps out of the room to go find her.About time what were waiting for.Yet Scrooge is still waiting for the cops. The Beagle Babes steel some toys for Webby but when she finds out there stolen she makes them feel bad and they take them back.The police call Scrooge and tell them they found the Beagle Babes he rushes over to police station with the boys only to find they caught Ms Beakly thinking she was a Beagle Babe.Dewey is carrying Webby's doll I guess he missed her.It made the screen really cute.The boys finally get sick of waiting on the cops and use Bubba's beak to track her down.If it was that easy why didn't you do that in the first place.They talk Webby into coming home yet she doesn't want to hurt the Beagle Babes feelings so the kids dress up like criminals to trick them into thinking Webby turned bad so they would take her home.It was probably the best screen in the show. The cops show up.What did Scrooge ask them to follow the boys as they couldn't find the Beagle Babes before.They all sneak out the back door and then they put the Beagle Babes in the truck and the kids drive home.Scrooge and Ms Beakly are hugging all over Webby when the cops show up and Webby asks Scrooge to give the Beagle Babes a job instead of jail.He offers them a job working in a day care.Not only a little sexist but they a criminals do you really want them working around kids.They choice jail and Webby huggs them good_bye only to have the boys offer to play with her. I think this episode was great.One of the best episodes with Webby.