Season 1 Episode 10

The Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Oct 01, 1987 on

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  • The crown of Genghis Khan is guarded by an abominable snowman, and Scrooge must find it to be awarded Explorer of the Year.

    Like many DuckTales episodes, this one takes place in an exotic location, Shadow Pass in the Himalayas.

    One of the other contenders for the title, Sir Guy Standforth, puts all the other contenders out of the race by sabotaging their equipment or causing avalanches. Launchpad's plane crashes in Shadow Pass. After Standforth tries to bury Scrooge and his crew again, Webby meets the abominable snowman, who turns out to be friendly. Scrooge and his crew follow the snowman's tracks into a cave, where Scrooge discovers the crown. Launchpad and the nephews discover that Webby has befriended the Snowman, which is actually a female with a soft heart, but quite ugly.

    When Standforth meets the abominable snowman, he actually lets out the famous Goofy yell. I love it!

    A really touching moment occurs when Scrooge discovers the crown. He places it on his head and declares himself King of the Explorers, then saddens as he realizes that he cannot find any of his family and friends.

    There's a great animation sequence when Launchpad and the nephews fall down an ice slide. I laugh everytime I see Launchpad dancing that Russian jig in front of the girls. Launchpad is so funny, he is one of the great Disney characters created specifically for a cartoon show. When he saves the snowman by pulling her from a ledge, he says, "You've been eating too many snowcones." Hilarious!

    Exciting! Great adventure! Great show!