Season 1 Episode 54

The Status Seekers

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Dec 02, 1987 on

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  • Overall I liked this esposide

    This epsoide was pretty good and made an important point that Scrooge wasn't a rich

    Snob like some people in his position.Scrooge is playing football with the boys and lands

    In a mud puddle only to be told by another rich person driving by that he couldn't be Scrooge

    Cause he wouldn't play in the the mud.Another sad seen where they could have added Webby as Miss Beakley was there but of course Scrooge and the boys can't play football with a girl.Espically Since they were just playing for fun and she might mess up everything.They have Miss Beakley as a cheerleader but she seem to be yelling about baseball another attack by the writters to make her look dum and that women know nothing about sports.Its tounchdown Miss Beakley touch down.As girl who grew up watching football I want to scream it at her and the writters.Another mistake by Scrooge as why he never spent time with Webby her as she didn't do anything he enjoyed but he never tried to include so he really wouldn't know if she or didn't .Another mistake by the writters .Well anyway they go looking for ugly mask that should make Scrooge one of those snobs but Scrooge realizes but jerks and dumps them Over a pretty good epsoide .I liked that we finally saw a rich side of the beagles.