Season 3 Episode 15

The Unbreakable Bin

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 22, 1989 on

Episode Recap

Scrooge McDuck just had a nightmare about being robbed. When he wakes up, he learns Gyro Gearloose developed some kind of unbreakable glass and made Scrooge new glasses made of it. Seeing how unbreakable the glass is, Scrooge decides to use a layer of it to protect the Money Bin and hire the Beagle Boys to test it. The glass passes the test, to the dismay of the Beagle Boys and, later on, Gizmoduck, as Scrooge no longer seems to need a security guard and fires him. Altough Scrooge says GD's alter ego, Fenton, still can work as his accountant, GD says he and his mother are already accostumed to their lifestyle (considering they still live in a trailer and eat frozen food, it makes you think) but Scrooge doesn't change his mind. Gizmoduck tries to find another job as a security guard, but the employment agent tells him that, because of Scrooge's unbreakable glass Scrooge had put on the market, nobody in Duckburg hires guards anymore and we notice the line of unnemployed guards behind him. With the glass protecting his Money Bin, Scrooge finally thinks it's safe to have a vacation trip. While he's out, Magica De Spell sees it as a chance to get into the Money Bin and steal the Number One Dime, but her spells also fail at breaking the glass. Gizmoduck finds job as a traffic guard. During his vacation, Scrooge discovers a bird species whose song is able to break the glass, making him immediatly interested in buying all the birds before anyone learns that, but Magica witnesses it all through one of her magical devices and goes after the birds. She catches them and goes to the Money Bin. To avoid hearing them before the necessary moment, she puts them on a trance. Gizmoduck leaves his job at the traffic and becomes a food stand for construction workers, causing a mess which drove them angry. Scrooge finds him and offers his job back. GD says he needs a time to think but changes his mind after seeing the angry workers. upon arriving at the Money Bin. Magica wakes a bird from the trance and tries to make him sing, but GD stops it on time. Magica then tries to send them away with a magic dust inside a jar, but the bird destroys the jar with his song, thus Magica is the one to leave. All birds were silenced, but one of the grandnephews finds an egg and a new bird is born and sings, destroying all the unbreakable glass.
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