Season 1 Episode 1

Treasure of the Golden Suns

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 18, 1987 on

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  • The start of the Ducktales Legend

    I'll admit this is not just one of the best episode pilots but also one of the best episodes arcs I've ever seen. It just all flows smoothly it's obviously the plot to search for the Mysterious City of Gold was the maguffin of the episode arc. It was all really a way to introdouce all of us to the characters of the whole series and each of them don't disapoint due to the range of emotion they all express which made us supprising care which isn't a common thing in an animated cartoon at the time. I'll never forget the first time I saw three character favorates. From Gyro Gearlose obvious the Q of the bunch, I remember I wanted to be a little like him due to the fact he was able to always make lots of creative inventions that always amazingly worked as long as there isn't a complecation or isn't misused, hey his last name isn't Gearlose for nothing.

    Launch Pad whom was always a pea brained Errol Flynn like character. He at times made me laugh due to the fact he was dangerously unqualified, he a great pilot but always a terrible lander since he crashes each and every flying machine known to man. It's no wonder sometimes Scrooge gets a lot of grief from him not just is his life at stake every time he's a passanger but the insurance rates skyrocket.

    And last but not least Scrooge McDuck whom at first when we meet him we think he might be bitter, greedy, antisocial, and worse have no love for the boys. But of course when we see him in action he turns out to be actaully a really great guy. We see he was really just nervious because he's never really been a family man before and didn't know how to parient the three boys, but most of all due to his career and his role he just never really had the time to open up with anyone even though deep down he probably needs it. And is really is quite an extrotinary man as his reputation makes him out to be but not so much the fact he has the most wealth but how he accuired it which is his role as an adventurer kinda similar toward those pulp heros like "Doc Savage" and "Buckaroo Banzai". The three boys truely see this potental and the more involved they get into his adventures the more both Scrooge and the boys develop a warm relationship.

    Athough the plot itself doesn't disapoint it's rather intriging and engaging due to the fact it has sort of that old serial cliffhanger format, I always wanted to know more. And of course the final episode in the arc doesn't disapoint it was some of the finnest animation and cinamatography ever there are many finner moments like this this is one of them. Seeing that mysterious city was breathtaking I couldn't help but want to know more about it. But it was the final minutes which were a real thrill and you just can't afford nor have time to take a breath from how danger just continuously builds up which litterally goes with the old saying, Out of the frying pan, into the fire. my favorate moment of coruse was seeing the destruction of the temple and during the destruction Scrooge fights the evil immortal El Capitain who really was a sinsiter villian. During the fight the floor collapse underneth them and of coruse both have to run to the safe zone. I'll admit it was one of the best edge of your seat moments. And of course the arc does have a good moral lession how greed really brings people nothing. So it was a great start for the Ducktales Legend.
  • A show ahead of its time and unlike any before or after.

    Excitement, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense. These are all words to describe this episode. And while the notion of a five part episode may seem like an avant-garde concept for a children's show, in this case it works out.
    The Treasure of the Golden Suns introduces the audience to Scrooge McDuck a wealthy, but cheap man. Later it introduces Huey, Dewey and Louie and answers the lifelong question what happened to Donald Duck. Although no one wants to claim that their kids are theirs (Donald is their uncle and so is Scrooge) later we are introduced to Webby and her Grandmother Mrs. Beakley (another young duck with no parents (?)). And of course most important but not least we meet Launchpad McQuack. This episode a large set of characters, including arch nemesis Flintheart Glomgold, re-occurring villains The Beagle Boys, and truly sinister character, El Capitan.
    This episode sets the stage for what the series is going to do and where it's going to do. The heart of the show is treasure hunting. The show involves traveling to various locales along with some minor problem solving. Infused with some cheesy humor, likable characters, and great writing this is the beginning of something beautiful, and a sign of good things to come for the show.
  • Very fine pilot!

    This episode started a good show called Ducktales and i think this episode was great we learn that Scrooge did'nt always like the nephews he hated them in this episode called them brats and stuff but later when he learns that they were telling the truth about the Beagle Boys they become a team by putting some traps on them and stuff i'll say this is a very good first episode of the series glad this was'nt a bad episode and if you did'nt like this episode then you are not a true DuckTales fan.
  • The all-time greatest episode of any cartoon I've ever seen... Perfect in every way...

    I originally saw this episode in it's complete form when it aired for the first time. I was flipping through the channels at my grandfather's house and stopped when I came to a colorful cartoon featuring Scrooge McDuck and his nephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Fortunately I tuned in during the first few minutes (right as Donald was leaving for the navy.) I sat through the entire show and was absolutely blown away. I was only seven years old at the time, but I will never forget that experience, or the feeling I had by the time it had finished.

    The funny thing is that I re-watched the pilot on the DVD collection and was surprised at how well I remembered the last segment, "Too Much of a Gold Thing" (Which remains my all-time favorite episode of Ducktales. I must have watched it close to 100 times when I was a kid.) I could practically quote it in my head before the lines were said, and I even remember which music played during which scenes. It's nice that as an adult, I can still watch it and feel the same way I did almost 20 years ago.
  • Scrooge is saddled with the Nephews after Donald joins the Navy. The boys learn that a small ship Scrooge has in his money bin is really a map to a lost city of gold, but first they hust outsmart the Beagle Boys, Glomgold, and the mysterious El Capitan.

    I remember back in 1987 when I first saw this in its whole form. All I can say when I look back on those emotions that I got from as it as a small boy is that I never wanted to go on an adventure of my own more. After this pilot, Ducktales became the first thing I looked forward to after school. The rest of the series, although stellar in its own right, only measured up to the adventure of this pilot a few times.
  • A beautiful beginning to a quacking good series that could've challenged Simpsons as America's classic.

    DuckTales, the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephew Donald and his nephews Huey, Louie, and Dewey, took off nicely with this pilot episode. Based on Carl Barks' classic and more closely tied with Don Rosa's comic book remake, this episode showed what made the whole series great. It featured great action, hilarious comedy, and a wonderful collection of characters with the right match of voice talents. I can still hear Scrrrrroge McDuck bark, or should I say quack, orders at the mumbling and bumbling Donald Duck. The show became on instant classic with this episode. I wish McDuck was still taking adventures on the tube, burrowing through his money bin like a gopher, diving like a dolphin, and tossing his money up and letting it hit him on the head...
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