Season 4 Episode 7

Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Aug 03, 1990 on

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  • If you wish upon a star, your wishes may come true... and this one sure has, because this movie is everything a Ducktales fan could ask for.

    Possibly one of the best animated movies done in the 90's, based on a cartoon, "The Treasure of the Lost Lamp" tells us what happens when Scrooge and his nephews happen to go after the precious treasure of Coolie Baba, and end up finding a magic lamp (just like the one in "Aladdin", but with a different genie), with the memorable Genie living in it, who can grant any wish. Unfortunately for them, the evil wizard Merlock, who once posessed that lamp (and is responsible for the disappearence of both Atlantis [which was a SPA club and he could not get a reservation to enter in] and Pompey [all because they served him a bad pizza]), wants it back again, this time, in order to rule the world.

    You ask how come Merlock is still alive? Well, it happens that his first wish was to become immortal and live forever, and ever since then, he has done terrible things. And although Genie can only grant three wishes to a person, thanks to Merlock's magic talisman (which enables him to transform into any animal he wants to), when he combines it with the lamp, Genie is forced to grant him all the wishes he wants to. The story is good, and the humour is also very good, not mention that we have a morality in the end of it. The cast is amazing (the same one from the TV series), and Merlock is wondefully voiced by Christopher Lloyd. Personally, I do not know why people hated this movie so much, because I think it's spectacular and I would not mind to see a sequel. 10 out of 10, or as Scrooge would say... it's worth its weight in gold!