Season 1 Episode 4

Where No Duck Has Gone Before

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 23, 1987 on

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  • When it comes to courage... I'm full of it.

    This episode is a personal favorite of mine. When Scrooge McDuck can't receive monetary compensation from a movie studio they hand the studio over to him which happens to have Scrooge's nephew's favorite show, Courage of the Cosmos, on it. The boys love the show but Scrooge and Launchpad can see right though the phony Captain Courage.

    Scrooge end's up retooling the show and Gyro ends up building the set, a real space ship. In an attempt to win over Scrooge McDuck, Captain Courage takes Scrooge's nephews and Launchpad on a special filming of the show. Courage unknowingly launches the ship into space, and while the boys are mesmerized by their idol Launchpad becomes the real hero.

    They later get captured by aliens where Captain Courage shows his true colors. Launchpad bails them all out and the boys learn what true heroism is all about.

    This episode is great for many reasons, it is imaginative, it has some witty writing and maybe there is a lesson or two to learn. The viewer can really feel how fake Captain Courage is with his pseudo-Shatner-like acting style. He was Zapp Brannigan before Futurama even existed. Not only that it introduces Doofus Drake and showcases some imaginative creative design. The aliens and the spacecrafts are both very cool looking. These things plus a humorous and memorable teleporter gag amount for a classic episode.
  • Scrooge McDuck acquires Duckburg Studios, home to his nephews' favorite show, Courage of the Cosmos. Due to Scrooge's facelifts to the studio, Major Courage and his nephews wind up in outer space for real.

    Major Courage is a funny character. His voice acting is a spoof of Captain Kirk.

    The real conflict is between Major Courage and Launchpad. Courage is an overactor and he is afraid that he will lose his job to Launchpad, who is a real hero. Courage is really just a coward. Launchpad sees through hs facade and considers him a phony. Courage, hoping to keep his job, butters up Scrooge's nephews. They board Gyro Gearloose's new version of Courage's spaceship, which is an actual spaceship. They accidentally launch the ship and wind up in outer space. They fly through the asteroid belt and are captured by aliens, thinking they are on the television set the whole time. Launchpad realizes the danger and saves them. When Courage realizes the danger, he leaves Launchpad and the nephews behind.

    I like the relationship between Launchpad and Doofus. Launchpad isn't a great pilot, but Doofus thinks he is wonderful and has complete faith in him. Launchpad considers Doofus his sidekick. It's funny how they escape from the aliens. The aliens had stolen information from Launchpad's brain. They decide to pursue them by using that information, but Launchpad's information is so faulty it has them ricocheting off planets. I like that while mindswiping Launchpad, their monitor shows a picture of a compass that has its directions completely wrong.

    This episode has a good story, even though it isn't set in some exotic place or feature any of the major DuckTales villains.