Season 1 Episode 35

Working For Scales

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 05, 1989 on

Episode Recap

There's one hour until deadline for the competition. While Flintheart Glomgold had already filled his scale with a considerable amount of money, there's no sign of Scrooge McDuck or any of his money. In the sky, the Lost City of Atlantis is seen in the sky - thanks to Gyro Gearloose's baloons - and it's Scrooge's way to transport his money to his scale. Huey, Dewey and Louie were supposed to operate the cloud-making machine that keeps them out of Flintheart's sight, but they forgot that while trying to find a way to open the vault where the lost treasure of Atlantis is hidden. To keep Scrooge from putting any money in the scales, Flintheart re-enlists the Beagle Boys' help. Flintheart uses a radio hidden in his coat to talk to the Beagle boys, which causes the owner of the shiny fruits to think Flintheart has a talking coat. On battle jet planes, the Beagle Boys try to take Scrooge down by shooting the baloons which keep the island in the air, but Gyro made them more resistant than that. They eventually cause Scrooge to fall from the island and crash into the tent where Flintheart and the man whose fruits started this whole thing are. Eventually, the nephews place the island above the scale adn start thinking about how to put Scrooge's money on his side of the scales. They loose some baloons, causing the money to slide and fall from the island to Scrooge's side of the scales (good aim, isn't it?). Scrooge gets happy as his money starts falling on his side of the scales, but this happiness is short-lived as the Beagle Boys loose other baloons, redirecting the money flood to Flintheart's side. The nephews loose more baloons to get the money back to Scrooge's side and it goes on until the money ends with the island pointing to scrooge's side. Scrooge and Flintheart are tied and Scrooge uses his Number One Dime (at his pocket by the time) as a tie-breaker, but Flintheart had a money load for that occasion. Now, with 30 seconds left to the end, Flintheart Glomgold was sure he couldn't loose any more, but the nephews finally learn how to open the Atlantian vault and outsmart the Beagle Boys to open it. The treasure falls into Scrooge's side and causes Flintheart's money to fly away, revealing he had put some lead bars in the scales as a cheating strategy.

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