Season 3 Episode 13

Yuppy Ducks

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Sep 20, 1989 on

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  • i think that savvannahgirl is wrong because webby doesn't have to be in every episode and obviously scrooge

    i think that savvannahgirl is wrong because webby doesn't have to be in every episode and obviously scrooge cares more about his money than webby cause he cares more about his money than ANYONE. huey, dewey, and louie get in over their heads when there put in charge of mcduck's company (their uncle). they learn from a police officer that everything they did was illegal cause of child labor laws so everything gets put back to normal. i liked this episode.
  • This episode was ok but

    This espoide was ok not one of Ducktales best.I throught the fact that They used Bubba in the epsiosde yet choice to again cut out Webby was only showing that male children were capable of running Scrooge affairs but not the female child who had been with the family longer.I could never understand why Scrooge didn't just adopt her and make her part of the family.Bubba was not very well liked yet he showed up in ever episode of this season until he disappeared.You also noticed everyone who is in charge of Scrooge affairs is male so we shouldn't be to shocked that Webby is missing.I also throught the fact that when Scrooge got out of the hospital his need to his see his money over Miss Beakley and Webby showed he cared more about his money this money then little female child.Well anyway the boys wants to run a business but when Scrooge tells them they to young they take aventage of it when Scrooge ends up in the Hospital and they answer his private business line and take over his businesses.They do ok at first but when they begin loosing money they find out they are to young to run a business .Wasn't someone in charge of Scrooge's affairs smart enough to know that to begin with very educated people I can see.Over All Ithrought the episode was full of dum jokes and trying to make 10 year old boys look cute well they were little old to not know child labor laws .Overall not one of Ducktales best but not the worst either.

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