Dude, What Would Happen

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Dude, What Would Happen
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AIRED ON 9/21/2011

Season 4 : Episode 5

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Three very curious teens conduct experiments and test the limits to find out answers to their questions. For example: Dude...what would happen if you tied 375 helium filled balloons to a sumo wrestler?
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  • dude!

    dude what would happen if they tried?
  • just change

    people if you hate this show so much then change it! well, I LIKE this show and if you hate on my comment then be a hater. some people still like this show and if you do put a thumbs up
  • Dude, do I even need to explain?

    DWWH was just one of those shows that was doomed to fail the moment it aired. The show was a very bad combination of Jackass and Mythbusters and the people hosting the show were too over the top and annoying. The teens are asked what would happen if a certain thing was used, such as an automatic bed to rise up and breakfast served by a robot or (get this) covering themselves in Peanut Butter and Jelly and stick themselves on bread to see which was stickier. I watched one episode and set my standards very low since I knew it was going to suck, but even then, I was blown away by how bad the show was. The hosts keep on saying dude so much, I kept count and they said that word 59 times in the show. I am sick of seeing these type of shows on CN, this is a network for CARTOONS not live action, get it through your head Stuart Snyder. This show is doesn't just suck, it was a horrible idea and whoever came up with it, they better need to be banned from TV forever. Do not let anyone watch this drek at all.moreless
  • The Best Half Hour I could EVER spend on Wednesday.

    Explosions, Fire VS. Ice, Sumos lifted into the air, Pizzas delivered in the throw of a frisbee....

    This is just a small amount of the awesomeness this show contains. Personally i think that all critcism is coming from people that are too old to enjoy the FUN that comes from a show like this. It's like a teenage-based Mythbusters. I could not spend my Wednesday Nights watching anything else but this. Honestly, Anyone who bad-mouths this show, is either older than 22 OR Hates Teenagers. Or both. It's just a show. Find something better to do with your time than bad-mouthing a TEENAGER'S SHOWmoreless
  • Dude, Do you know live action shows don't belong on Cartoon Network?

    I'm not gonna be too harsh on this show because i've never seen, but this show sounds terrible just from its name. I don't think I even want to watch it. Stuart Snyder must learn that Live Action shows shouldn't be on CARTOON NETWORK, he needs to understand that.

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    frat guy humor, Docu-Reality, adrenaline junkies, for the child in you, dumb friends