Dude, What Would Happen

Wednesday 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Aug 19, 2009 In Season


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  • Cool show.

    Similar the others like this, they were badly rated because it does not match with what people watch on this channel. To be honest, I actually like Cartoon Network adding some spice into their schedule. And to clarify what I mean, try watching something other than spongebob squarepants on Nickelodeon. IT'S FREAKING EVERYWHERE AND IT IS RE-AIRED SO MANY TIMES THAT IT BECOMES A HEADACHE TO WATCH ANYMORE.
  • dude!

    dude what would happen if they tried?
  • just change

    people if you hate this show so much then change it! well, I LIKE this show and if you hate on my comment then be a hater. some people still like this show and if you do put a thumbs up
  • Dude, do I even need to explain?

    DWWH was just one of those shows that was doomed to fail the moment it aired. The show was a very bad combination of Jackass and Mythbusters and the people hosting the show were too over the top and annoying. The teens are asked what would happen if a certain thing was used, such as an automatic bed to rise up and breakfast served by a robot or (get this) covering themselves in Peanut Butter and Jelly and stick themselves on bread to see which was stickier. I watched one episode and set my standards very low since I knew it was going to suck, but even then, I was blown away by how bad the show was. The hosts keep on saying dude so much, I kept count and they said that word 59 times in the show. I am sick of seeing these type of shows on CN, this is a network for CARTOONS not live action, get it through your head Stuart Snyder. This show is doesn't just suck, it was a horrible idea and whoever came up with it, they better need to be banned from TV forever. Do not let anyone watch this drek at all.
  • The Best Half Hour I could EVER spend on Wednesday.

    Explosions, Fire VS. Ice, Sumos lifted into the air, Pizzas delivered in the throw of a frisbee....

    This is just a small amount of the awesomeness this show contains. Personally i think that all critcism is coming from people that are too old to enjoy the FUN that comes from a show like this. It's like a teenage-based Mythbusters. I could not spend my Wednesday Nights watching anything else but this. Honestly, Anyone who bad-mouths this show, is either older than 22 OR Hates Teenagers. Or both. It's just a show. Find something better to do with your time than bad-mouthing a TEENAGER'S SHOW
  • Dude, Do you know live action shows don't belong on Cartoon Network?

    I'm not gonna be too harsh on this show because i've never seen, but this show sounds terrible just from its name. I don't think I even want to watch it. Stuart Snyder must learn that Live Action shows shouldn't be on CARTOON NETWORK, he needs to understand that.
  • Shut The Fr*nt Door!

    PiggyDoom & CartoonCritic have it right! This show is worse than watching an hour long infomercial on genetic gerbils! Please let CartoonNetwork know how you feel! --> http://wwwDOTcartoonnetworkDOTcom/feedback/indexDOThtml
  • Better then The problem solverz

    The title says it all.
  • The show sucks my SH*T.


    Sorry about the aggressive title, but seriously, what the hell CN?

    You can tell that the show is staged justfrom the god-awful acting, like, seriously? Do you talk like that to your friends? Hope not. If so, they think you must take them for brainless idiots. Be a better actor. Kirston (Did I spell it rite? :DDD) Stewart hs better acting talent than that. That says something.

    You can't possibly fail any harder when it becomes obvoius that you're ripping off ideas from other shows, and toddler-izing it. Obvious rip-offsare obvious. Hmm..wouldthe rip-offsbe Jackass and Mythbusters? I was right!? :D Do I get a prize!?!?! :DDD

    So other than the terrible acting, and poor stunts, and rip-offs, there's still hope! Wait, I forgot, this show has no positives whatsoever, along with everything else it lacks.

    Drawing the review to a close, F*ck you CN, F*ck all of your live-action shows.

  • Dude, can't you just let me give a stinkin 0 on this website?

    Over these years with Stuart Snyder now ruining Cartoon Network there have been a lot of horrid live action junk, dumb cartoons imported from Canada, and that stuff. Ever since Out of Jimmy's Head (Worst show of all time) in 2007 (Year Stuart Snyder came and killed such a great network) CN has been dying faster than I expected to be. Dude, What Would Happen is about 3 teenagers that answer what would happen if you did this is or that, or whatever. Like what most of the reviewers here say, (Which is true) DWWH rips of Jackass and Mythbusters. What gets on my nerves and really annoys mw is that they say "Dude" like nearlly 60 times. I say "Dude" of course, not to be cool, I just say it regularly. And you know when they say "Dude don't try this" which is true because its dangerous what they do, it really should be "Dude, don't watch this". UUGGHHH!! I am so sick and tired of all this live action junk on a great channel! Stuart Snyder you brain dead or something? Don't you know this is a "Cartoon" Network? I know all the other childrens networks have had live action shows (They're teen sitcoms which are live action shows) But Cartoon Network would never hurt Cartoon Network with CN real! How can anyone stand such a horrible show like this!? Overall please be wise and stay as far away from this show if it ever comes on, And let it be canceled while Stuart Snyder quits his job and no one ever lets this disaster happen ever again.
  • Boys Be Hatin

    this show good as hell People slamin this show but if they was on it They would be mad like I said haters
  • Dude, shut up.

    What is this? There are no good watchable value in this. It only wastes large amount of time. Because it's really good to sum it's bad things, rant about it.

    Plot: Stupid as s**t. Nothing good. All they do here is ask what would happen. And then they do stupid stuff.

    Casts: They need to go to their homes and get back to their basements, like they used to. They had a large amount of luck (and mostly stupid luck), and that served as their reason to get out of their freaky lair. Bad casts. Bad unprofessional casts.

    Show value: "Dude what would happen?" That's stupid. They keep doing that every episode and then do stupid stuff, just like I said above. I would like to shoot these guys paintballs so they can sit in one corner.

    Overall: -1. This show is one of those pointless reality crap that we have today.
  • Quite possibly CN's worst live action show

    This show is just terrible beyond words, I mean we have this show that copies off of myth busters and Jackass. We have annoying characters that can not act at all! This show just fails and fails! It fails in ever way possible seriously stay away from this show, for your own sanity stay away!!
  • Dude,what would Happen if I was president of CN? I would cancel this,that's for true

    Once again,CN made a terrible mistake by putting this stuff on their programming. Dude,What Would Happen is about three idiots named Jackson,C.J and Ali(that's a girl's name) and they attempt stunts. So this is a rip-off of Jackass,but I love that show,this show tries to be like it,however it rips-off every aspect of it,including the opening."Seriously dude,Don't try this". How about "Seriously dude,don't watch this"? But it gets worse. It's also a rip-off of MythBusters,which is also bad. However,this is what this rip-off is like: a rip-off of both of those shows except that they took out all the injuries,and thought it was cool to say "dude" all the time. No,I'm not kidding. You can't go 5 minutes without hearing the word Dude. I say 'dude",but I just say it because well...I say it,not to be cool. The stunts are just stupid and you know what else is stupid...the show itself. Don't bother watching this,it fails on so many levels (I say about 100 of them). Don't watch it. Watch Jackass and Mythbusters than this.
  • Expect to have your brain drained and your time thoroughly wasted.

    The show seems like it might be pretty fun. It looks like a looser kid's version of Discovery Channel's Mythbuster. Right? Wrong. Dead wrong my friend. The show is a mess. The directing and editing is terrible and leaves you with a general sense of chaos and disorder.

    The hosts are absolutely terrible actors and very, very annoying. After about five minutes of their stupidity you want to immediately change the channel. The only thing worse is the thoroughly pointless "tests" they conduct. Not the "hey that was cool" kind of pointless that can actually be fun to watch. More like the "why the hell am I watching this" kind of pointless.

    I challenge you to watch one entire episode without throwing your TV through the window.
  • This show needs to leave Cartoon Network and not in a good way.

    Who in their right mind put this show on TV? This show is absolutely horrible. This show is a rip-off of Mythbusters and these three guys do the most stupidest stunts ever. Don't worry everyone, I'm trying to be a calm and collected as possible. Ok, first off, who wants to watch three guys try to reinact imaginary stunts in the dumbest manor? The answer to that is nobody. Like filling a car up with H2O to simulate a driving aqarium? Throwing pizzas off a bike? Me and millions of people dislike this show. Please do us a favor Cartoon Network and kill this show!
  • Dude, does garbage stink worse than this?

    I bet not even garbage would want to step near this show. Since I only see two positive reviews, it must be really bad. And I mean horribly bad. How can it be a returning series?! A returning series would be Dexter's Lab, PPG, Cow and Chicken, Time Squad, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi, Camp Lazlo, and all those other Fridays television shows. "Have you looked in a mirror? We're all freaks, and that's what makes this network great!"-Velma Dinkley

    ...sorry, Velma. There are new freaks invading your turf, and we want them out of here as fast as we can. Plus, they said dude 59 times?! What a bunch of wannabe dorks.
  • Dude, I really don't like this show!

    You see, this show is about three dudes trying to do "weird impossible stuff that kills alot of people." Sound familliar? If you seen Myth Busters, you have found this show familiar. Let me get to the point, they copied Myth Busters. This shouldn't be on Cartoon Network, or even otherwise. Remember, this is an opinion.

    Score Time

    Plot:1/10 Basically, this show has no plot at all.

    Idea:1/10 Don't think they made up this idea. They spinoffed Myth Busters. And not in a good way.

    Experiments:2/10 Not everything on this show is 1/10. Their experiments are "Kind Of" original. I'm not saying they made up the TV show, though.

    Overall:2.5/10 I looked at reviews on this, and most people don't like this show. However, there are some who loves this show 10/10. Once again, this is an opinion, but some shows, like Adventure Time, is a fact that it sucks.

    This is one of the many shows that's ruining the old Cartoon Network! We need the old Cartoon Network back! Rip: Old Cartoon Network.
  • Dude, Shouldn't this be cancelled?

    First, let me explain. What's the channel called? CARTOON Network. What's this show? Live action. What is this, the "Cartoon with some live-action Network"? NO!

    This has got to be one of the stupidest shows I've ever seen. Even iCarly is better than this show. Heck, even the new episodes of SPONGEBOB are better. I can see why CN removed all their CNReal shows, but why not this one? It's getting old!

    There are already enough shows like this, and we really don't need this peice o` crap on TV. Hopefully once CN starts putting more toons on, this'll get chucked in the back dumpster with Bobbe` Says and Survive This.

    why r shows like this and destroy build destroy still on cartoon network? I thought it was just a phase CN went through with all the reality shows or whatever. This show is pretty stupid cuz they wonder what would happen if they did somethin stupid when the answer is pretty obvious. THe show is just stupid, plus they r copying Mythbusters where mythbusters actually puts thought into it and its educational and entertaining while with this show its the opposite plus i feel like i get dumber if i watch it so yeah this show sucks
  • Dude, WTF, CN?


    The last time I checked, this channel was called Cartoon Network. Doesn't that mean that crap like this shouldn't be taken off air? Same goes for the other crappy live action shows "Cartoon" Network has. Heck, even if it was on another channel it would still be very terrible. Well let's start with the premise. It's pretty much like Mythbusters, but instead, the experiments are stupid here, and the hosts are bunch of idiots who say "dude" 24/7. Another thing that's terrible is how mindless this show is. The experiments are pointless, boring, terrible, and/or have been done to death. The hosts are also terrible as well. Their vocabulary is absolutely minimal, and they think that they couldcommunicate just by saying "dude" in every sentence. It's highly degrading and intolerable.What is also downright idiotic is the fact that this show has been on for two years now. Two. Freaking. Years. Unless Stuart Synder is replace with someone who actual knows how to run a Cartoon channel, then we're going to keep on seeing mindless garbage like this.

    The final verdict: Don't watch this. Period. If you want to see some actual good experiments, just move over to Mythbusters. It's far better than this.

    FINAL SCORE: 1.5/10 Bloody Atrocious

  • Dude, Why are they still showing this Garbage

    I was watching CN until this promo poped up for new episodes. Is there anyone here that actually watches this? First off the name of the channel is Cartoon Network. CARTOON network. I mean, the CN Real block is gone, but the shows are still here.(OMG) Any Live-Action shows on CN should die. I came to CARTOON Network to watch CARTOONS. I think they are actually still buying these types of shows. Thus, forcing these shows on us. They take Ed Edd n Eddy, Grim Adventures, KND, Fosters and a few others, to make room for this stuff. Stuff that will obviously fail. Why are they spending money on FAIL shows. They bought like 7 or 8 live-action shows already. Tell CN to get rid of any Live-Action shows. I dont care how "good" they are, Take away "Unnatural History", "Destroy Build Destroy" and any other Live-Action crap you got coming for us, beacause Cartoon Network is called Cartooon Network. Also put these shows on another network.
  • Surprisingly entertaining.

    I was all set to roll my eyes in disdain for this latest offering from CN Real, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually enjoyable. There's actually a considerable amount of creativity to be found in the experiments done here and some genuinely funny moments.

    The real draw here are the three stars of the show. CJ, Ali and Jackson are clearly enjoying what they do and they feed off each other's enthusiasm. The chemistry between them is obvious and infectious if you're willing to go with the flow and fast pace they and the show set.

    Although I don't personally care for any of the other shows CN Real is doing, Dude, What Would Happen is a welcome exception. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  • Dude, What Would Happen?

    This show is actually pretty good. I admit its not perfect but its pretty good. And if you want the epsiode names Just Go To Wikipedia!!!!! But yeah.... C.J. is the best. And Ali and Jackson tie. But umm... This show is surprisingly entertaining. And I was just speechless on the 1st episode and I still am. Its pretty hard to come up with 100 words to describe this show. But I think I can get there. Anyway the best episode was the one with Fire vs. Ice. But all the other episodes are pretty good too. So yeah 8.5/10 for 'Dude, What Would Happen'
  • Its a show about three teens named CJ, Jackson and Ali they try different scenarios to find out what would happen for example if they fill a car with water then they try it each episode they try 3 different scenarios!!!

    for yall info its not a fake version of the mythbusters its a real show about real things i think yall shouldnt judge a book by its cover dont knock it before you try it,it never hurts to try or watch something new i think its a crazy cool show that has cool stunts and everything else in between i really want everyone to watch this show before you say mean stuff i know some of you probally hear this from someone else that said this was stupid just watch it its cool people plz do they really is cool!!
  • Dude... what would happen if we... gave a few teenagers a show about absolutely nothing and let them do whatever they wanted? It would suck hard!

    A Prime example of why CARTOON Network should play CARTOONS!!!

    This show is about absolutley nothing. It's like Mythbusters Lite, without any myths or any scientifical value what so ever. The hosts of the show deterime "what would happen" and if it happened well? The main host, Jason I believe, is a complete moron and I wouldn't let him near half the things he's allowed to toy with on the show.

    CN Real... has to be the dumbest idea ever. Why would I turn to Cartoon Network to watch something that isn't a cartoon?

    Don't waste your time with this crap and don't subject your children to this abomination.
  • Dude what would happen if you put 3 (thirsty for fame) teenagers in a lame reality show and air the show on CARTOON NETWORK?

    Ill tell u what would happen, death of the cartoon network! this is another attempt of cartoon network to gain viewers for their declining network, but what the hell cartoon network? this show is so lame and full of stupidity. The show is so boring, watching those annoying teenagers is not interesting at all. This is what you call cheap entertainment. God when will cartoon network ever learn that they need a show , a CARTOON SHOW, that will stabilize their network . i say fire those guys who's behind this cn real crap. bring back those good o'l cartoon block. This show has the words "chessy" "lame" "no originality" and "cheap" written all over it. Bottom Line: Another show that is a DISASTER in the making and has NO PLACE and NO RIGHT to be in cartoon network.
  • Stuart Snyder must die.

    What the heck is this?Why did CN put this on.Not just that it's live-action.it's a huge rip-off of the best show on MTV Jackass.But that show was the funniest live action show of all time,and this is not funny.First off,it's about 3 retarted dudes(Rip-off)who try to do all these things.And if CN says this is a kids Jackass,why did they take off everything.There are no injuries or anything compared.Second,they always say Dude this or Dude that,and it doesn't make them cool,it just makes them stupid.CN should cancel this.F.Scores:

    Humor:0\10 Jackass had WAYYYYY more humor,but this show doesn't

    Voice:0\10 It's just Dude,what would happen if we?Blah Blah Blah

    This is so stupid.CN should stick to cartoon,not live action dog poo coming out of a guy barfing ten pounds of pee.I just hate it.
  • Dudes, calm down.

    This is probably one of the better CN Real shows in the lineup. But one main problem with this show is the dudes themselves. They sometimes get hyped up over nothing like wrecking own your car just to convert it into an aquarium while driving in it. They only went only up to 4 mph along the way. AND WHY would I want my pepperoni pizza thrown through my BEDROOM WINDOW?! >:0 Just getch your lazy ass off that bicycle and give it to me through my FRONT DOOR!! In a BOX! I hope Papa John's won't see this........
  • Stupid

    Just horrible. The kids are idiots, and represent the worst of what we, as humans, have to look forward to in our future. Mythbusters has its issues, but I wish people would stop comparing this show that one. The only thing to compare it, is they have construction. In the Mythbuster's case, it is them doing it, on this show it is construction crews. Otherwise, this show asks stupid questions, and comes up with even stupider answers to these questions. It leads to one big pit of anti-IQ broadcasted to thousands of people... it would depress me to much to think millions watched this.
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