Dude, What Would Happen

Wednesday 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Aug 19, 2009 In Season


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  • The show sucks my SH*T.


    Sorry about the aggressive title, but seriously, what the hell CN?

    You can tell that the show is staged justfrom the god-awful acting, like, seriously? Do you talk like that to your friends? Hope not. If so, they think you must take them for brainless idiots. Be a better actor. Kirston (Did I spell it rite? :DDD) Stewart hs better acting talent than that. That says something.

    You can't possibly fail any harder when it becomes obvoius that you're ripping off ideas from other shows, and toddler-izing it. Obvious rip-offsare obvious. Hmm..wouldthe rip-offsbe Jackass and Mythbusters? I was right!? :D Do I get a prize!?!?! :DDD

    So other than the terrible acting, and poor stunts, and rip-offs, there's still hope! Wait, I forgot, this show has no positives whatsoever, along with everything else it lacks.

    Drawing the review to a close, F*ck you CN, F*ck all of your live-action shows.