Dude, What Would Happen

Wednesday 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Aug 19, 2009 In Season


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  • Dude, can't you just let me give a stinkin 0 on this website?

    Over these years with Stuart Snyder now ruining Cartoon Network there have been a lot of horrid live action junk, dumb cartoons imported from Canada, and that stuff. Ever since Out of Jimmy's Head (Worst show of all time) in 2007 (Year Stuart Snyder came and killed such a great network) CN has been dying faster than I expected to be. Dude, What Would Happen is about 3 teenagers that answer what would happen if you did this is or that, or whatever. Like what most of the reviewers here say, (Which is true) DWWH rips of Jackass and Mythbusters. What gets on my nerves and really annoys mw is that they say "Dude" like nearlly 60 times. I say "Dude" of course, not to be cool, I just say it regularly. And you know when they say "Dude don't try this" which is true because its dangerous what they do, it really should be "Dude, don't watch this". UUGGHHH!! I am so sick and tired of all this live action junk on a great channel! Stuart Snyder you brain dead or something? Don't you know this is a "Cartoon" Network? I know all the other childrens networks have had live action shows (They're teen sitcoms which are live action shows) But Cartoon Network would never hurt Cartoon Network with CN real! How can anyone stand such a horrible show like this!? Overall please be wise and stay as far away from this show if it ever comes on, And let it be canceled while Stuart Snyder quits his job and no one ever lets this disaster happen ever again.
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