Due South (1997)

Season 2 Episode 9

A Likely Story

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1999 on CTV
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Episode Summary

A Likely Story
After his pretzel-vendor pal is gunned down, Fraser learns he was a millionaire.

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    Beau Starr

    Beau Starr

    Harding Welsh

    Camilla Scott

    Camilla Scott

    Constable Margaret Thatcher

    Ramona Milano

    Ramona Milano

    Francesca Vecchio

    Callum Keith Rennie

    Callum Keith Rennie

    Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski

    Gordon Pinsent

    Gordon Pinsent

    Sgt. Robert Fraser [ghost]

    Tom Melissis

    Tom Melissis

    Det. Thomas E. Dewey

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      • Ray Kowalski: I got this friend. So this love at first sight, is that legit? I mean, if you don't make a good first impression, are you dead in the water or what?
        Francesca Vecchio: Well, you're not deformed or anything, really. I don't know. It really depends. I mean, did you show her your disgusting tattoo or how far you could spit or, you know, that charming thing where you kick holes through the ceiling tiles?

      • Harding Welsh: Let it go, Detective. Remember, you're only pretending to be an Italian.
        Ray Kowalski: Ciao, sir.

      • Benton Fraser: High atop Sulfur Mountain in his lonely stone cabin, Looou Scagnetti heard a knock at the door. Boom, boom boom. So he opened it. Creeeak. And there on his stoop stood the beautiful princess from the valley below. And the wind whipped about her hair and the snow swirled about her. And Lou Scagnetti froze. For the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do. He didn't know whether to kill her and eat her, or whether to bake her some of those tarts he was so fond of, the ones that feature choke cherries and brown lichen and little bits of dust...
        Ray Kowalski: Fraser!
        Benton Fraser: What?
        Ray Kowalski: What are you doing?
        Benton Fraser: I'm telling you a ghost story. It is customary to exchange ghost stories around a campfire in the wilderness.
        Ray Kowalski: We're not in the wilderness.
        Benton Fraser: It's an approximation of wilderness.
        Ray Kowalski: No it's not, Fraser. We are in a park in the middle of Chicago. I had to step over a wino and kick through junkies just to get here.

      • Ray Kowalski: I don't know who has less sex, me or you, but at least I still think about women. Is that better, or worse?
        Benton Fraser: It's an interesting question!
        Ray Kowalski: Thank you.

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