Due South (1997)

Season 2 Episode 2

Easy Money

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1998 on CTV



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    • (Fraser lies down on the pavement to smell something and Dief whines.)
      Benton Fraser: (to Dief) Oh don't be so silly. I'm not embarrassed or bored when you sniff things.

    • (Fraser's childhood mentor helps young Fraser to track caribou by tasting their feces with his mouth.)
      Young Benton Fraser: How can you do that?
      Tom Quinn: It's part of the story.
      Young Benton Fraser: What story?
      Tom Quinn: Everything here has a story to tell, what's passed by, when, how, ... but you have to be open.
      Young Benton Fraser: Yeah. But tasting things off the ground, isn't that kind of disgusting?
      Tom Quinn: Not for a good tracker.

    • (Diefenbaker who has ran all the way arrives at a crime scene prior to Fraser and Ray who have taken the car.)
      Ray Kowalski: How did he beat us?
      Benton Fraser: He must have taken a shortcut.
      Ray Kowalski: He knows shortcuts?
      Benton Fraser: He does study maps.
      Ray Kowalski: What kind of maps?
      Benton Fraser: Road maps, street maps, topographic maps ...

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