Due South (1997)

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1997 on CTV

Episode Recap

The Internal Affairs Division investigates the 27th precinct when a felon accuses Ray Vecchio of being a dirty cop. Assistant State's Attorney Brandauer has a grudge against Welsh for putting his brother behind bars. He interrogates the cops and lets everyone know that he'd be satisfied if they gave him Welsh.

Fraser comes to the station, carrying a fish in a bag of water and some other things for the real Ray Vecchio's birthday party. Welsh fills him in on the situation and he tracks down the new Ray, who hasn't turned up to work and isn't answering his phone.

Fraser goes to Ray's apartment and is let in by his landlady, who describes Ray as a strange man because he is one of the only tenants she hasn't been able to get to know. Fraser finds the paper with an obituary notice that Ray has circled. The landlady complains about Ray making shuffling noises at night and Fraser deduces that it is the sound of dancing.

Fraser tracks down Ray in a crypt in a graveyard, where Ray is staking out Marcus Ellery, a man from his past. Ellery's mother is being buried that day, and Ray is positive that the felon will appear.

The two men interrupt a smuggling scheme. Ray pretends to grief and says the person in the coffin is his mother. He lifts the lid of the coffin and gasps in mock surprise as he exclaims that his mother has changed into Cuban cigars. When the smugglers hold a gun to Ray's head, Ray learns that Fraser isn't licensed to carry a firearm.

Fraser gets himself yet another admirer, this time a widow carrying out her husband's peculiar last wishes. She was shooting into his grave to keep the spiders away. We also learn why Ray wants to get revenge on Ellery. As a 13 year old, Ray was humiliated by Ellery during a bank robbery. He has wet himself and had to stand up in front of everyone in the bank.

When Ellery doesn't show, he hands over the smugglers to some uniformed members of the Chicago PD and Fraser sends the elderly widow off on her merry way. When Ray doubts himself, Fraser tells him that he checked his file and lists his 3 citations. Also, Fraser gives Ray his the birthday present, originally intended for the real Ray Vecchio. It's a dream catcher with an eagle's feather on it. Ray throws the dream catcher, to see if it can fly. When he goes to pick it up again, he spots Ellery, who caught the dream catcher at a grave. He attacks the criminal and they both fall into Ellery's mother's open grave as a solar eclipse cast a shadow over the city. It is then that Ray finds out that Ellery doesn't know him and it is only Ray, and maybe Stella, who remembers, what was for Ray, a life-changing incident. Ray lets the man go.

Back at the station, everyone has been put through the ringer by IAD. Elaine remarked that it was only at times like this that they counted her as a real cop. Ray gets back just in time deal with IAD. The accusation is that 9 packages of drugs where stolen from evidence. When they ask him if it is a ten in the log book he informs them that it is a 1 with a smiley face.

Ray insists on a lineup, given that his accuser has never met him. The line-up clears him and the real Ray Vecchio of any wrongdoing. The episodes end with a birthday party for Ray which includes a "Yukon classic" of "bobbing for trout".
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