Due South (1997)

Season 2 Episode 8

Good for the Soul

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1998 on CTV

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  • a great episode.

    i really enjoyed this one. it once more showed fraser's courage, his undeviating sense of justice not being influenced by how rich or mighty his oponnents may be, his commitment to the "little" people and his gift to inspire others. i loved the scene when he was joined by ray, welsh, huey and dewey while he was walking home, all bruised, losing his faith in justice, feeling to have failed, ray telling him, that he was proud of him, welsh admiting, that they all had let him down and the five of them standing up against warfield even though they might have thought that this wouldn't change a lot. i guess the episodes title might not only refer to fraser suggesting that admiting to have slapped the busboy might be good for warfield's soul but also on these five having made a very courageous step. it was great to see that even though fraser only insisted on warfield's appology in the end he had driven him out of business and finally succeeded to bring him to justice and that a small step sometimes can be the beginning of something big.
  • It's Christmas time. When a local mob boss slaps a busboy, Fraser sees that justice will be done.

    This episode highlighted how naive Fraser (apparently) is. Although everyone tells him that the system won't work in this case, he stands up for the young man. His seemingly childish belief in the system stands side by side with the opinions of the officers of the 27th precinct.

    Only when Fraser gives up, Ray and cohorts change their minds, now fighting for the justice. It is interesting to see this metamorphosis. So apparently someone needs to believe - and if that someone gives up, it is for the other party to take up the somewhat quaint belief. And justice is done.

    All in all, a normal heart-wrecking Christmas episode. One of the few jokes was how Fraser literally fled every time Francesca came too near.