Due South (1997)

Season 2 Episode 8

Good for the Soul

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1998 on CTV

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  • It's Christmas time. When a local mob boss slaps a busboy, Fraser sees that justice will be done.

    This episode highlighted how naive Fraser (apparently) is. Although everyone tells him that the system won't work in this case, he stands up for the young man. His seemingly childish belief in the system stands side by side with the opinions of the officers of the 27th precinct.

    Only when Fraser gives up, Ray and cohorts change their minds, now fighting for the justice. It is interesting to see this metamorphosis. So apparently someone needs to believe - and if that someone gives up, it is for the other party to take up the somewhat quaint belief. And justice is done.

    All in all, a normal heart-wrecking Christmas episode. One of the few jokes was how Fraser literally fled every time Francesca came too near.